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    IBM model m keyboard

    After ~30 hours of work here is my model m. Made in 1989---real legend:cool2: Original on my desk;) Just for fun, hope you like it! Not THAT dirty in real...
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    project from restoration challenge

    i like it dude!
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    welcome here! i didnt even know it is possible to sing opera, maybe i should switch to it from firefox?:cool2:
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    Hi there!

    op-original post, original poster wip-work in process
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    Hi there!

    kul keep going Marvin
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    [Photo Manipulation] HaNoi year 3000

    thats a nice one
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    hi 20f in here looking for a friend

    welcome! post your pictures and somebody will help you: P
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    Riding death

    Thank you very much!
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    Riding death

    was thinking about it for a while but didnt want to leave a bigger space between the rider and the big skull because of the compositon so the skull should follow the cyclist and that way the ratio of the image would be also changed and i didnt want it to happen.
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    Riding death

    maybe next time: ) thx Hoogle!
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    not bad dude keep goin
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    Riding death

    Im curious how do you like it. Critique appreciated! sources:
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    Change color of an item??

    maybe post the picture and someone can help you. colors can be changed in photoshop but it doesnt mean that the picture will be close to perfect. but there are many other ways to retouch an image, its a pretty broad topic if you are interested in you can find many tutorials on the web.
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    Mona Lisa Discovered

    thx for clarifying i see the old Leonardo as one of the greatest photoshop artists.
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    Mona Lisa Discovered

    what tablet did you use?
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    Need someone for group work ;)

    ive heard that the so-called pen tool is a good one to start off with:P ps: just kiddin, mail sent.
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    PS newbie

    welcome! and "Learn, learn, learn".
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    help needed to create a Droste effect photo

    post the pic imo
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    My first set release of Album Covers for ARC Music Productions

    Hey Sarah, congrat for these nice designs! the 3rd one has very good atmosphere. ps:too skinny to bellydance:(
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    Cupid's mistake or the suffering of the apple

    nice work, like the idea!