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  1. nataloran

    im new (:

    Hello Bree & welcome ;-)
  2. nataloran

    Illustrator What am I doing wrong

    Speaking of cinema 4D anyone uses Bryce with Daz3d? I just download it in fact but I am missing time. I want to learn Indesign as first priority:-/ too much to learn, too little time :-/
  3. nataloran

    Photoshop to Publisher

    Ms Publisher as the first post mention. *.pub are what printers in Europe use mainly (at least here);-)
  4. nataloran

    pen pressure not working?

    Check last driver on tablet website or install it with CD till photoshop recognize it;-)
  5. nataloran

    Another before and after work

    Thanks Fenix and Alix. Actually he is suppose to be as white as Angel ;-) and true I should have put a little shadow bottom edge of him. Alix the reflection would have been made after me adding shadow touch to body (we dont speak of shadows behind, well at least I think lol). So just on body and...
  6. nataloran

    Some before and after to recreate some Jack Vettriano's art

    Thank you Vafann and Alix ;-)
  7. nataloran

    Photoshop to Publisher

    Just save as jpg or png it will flatten itself up nothing else to do. Then include it in Publisher;-)
  8. nataloran

    Hello world

    Hello & welcome;-)
  9. nataloran

    Some sensuality....

    Thank you Boomawoom ;-) sometimes simple works good ;-)
  10. nataloran

    Some sensuality....

    Thank you Vanaff, Maxim and Agent. Just to mention again those are not real ppl and so it was a lot of work to make it look a bit more like real lol ;-) sadly I don't have the before shot anymore :-/
  11. nataloran

    Some sensuality....

    LOL I am glad I make some screen cleaner now !-)
  12. nataloran

    Another before and after work

    Obrigada ;-) (um ave no chao came from this ) very old but love it ;-)
  13. nataloran

    Another before and after work

    Thanks all for your comments first of all. The idea was not to catch attention on the fallen angel, the idea was to get the image as a all only. I did not want to focus the details on the guy... I agree that the brushes were poor resolution sadly. Now the reflection was on purpose, cause again...
  14. nataloran


    Makes us feel old being with you here Hahahahah :p
  15. nataloran

    Hi Everyone,

    Hallo my neighbour (by country)... Welcome to PSG ;-)
  16. nataloran

    Hi from Troy :-)

    Hello and welcome !-)
  17. nataloran

    why are so many people so boring?

    My dear Zeealex, It takes of all kind to make a world !-)
  18. nataloran

    Some sensuality....

    Nothing Idad I just got mentionned you like to have your screen very clean ! grins !
  19. nataloran

    Off topic and inappropriate comments

    Re: Can someone get rid of the background of this image and replace it.. continued laughs... you damaged Paul's brain now ! ts ts ts !
  20. nataloran

    Some sensuality....

    Thank you Fenix. I am glad some Apple little screen get cleaned sometimes Ha !