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  1. LRG

    IBM model m keyboard

    After ~30 hours of work here is my model m. Made in 1989---real legend:cool2: Original on my desk;) Just for fun, hope you like it! Not THAT dirty in real...
  2. LRG

    Riding death

    Im curious how do you like it. Critique appreciated! sources:
  3. LRG

    Lexus IS F

    was about 24 hours of work in Ps just for fun:) hope you like it and feedbacks are appreciated
  4. LRG

    poker site layout design

    here is a full website design by me, took more than 1 month of work. how do you like it? check webpage here for the full view: - Sportfogadó és póker portál (page isnt ready just ~95%, english version is coming soon) feedbacks are appreciated!
  5. LRG

    best way to create this?

    Hey all, im working on a background for a site and my client want to see something like that: I've tried to reproduce it using paths and circles but am not satisfied with the result and would be happy to get some advice what is the best and easiest way to create this. thanks a lot!
  6. LRG

    No title...

    ...just water. original pic: comments are welcome!:)
  7. LRG

    who does not like beer?

    As all of you know dolphins are very intelligent animals so they certainly know what is worth drinking... Comments are welcome!
  8. LRG

    speakers that are quiet

    Hi PSG guys, I would be happy to get some feedback from you on my pic that was created in 3 days in PS. Originals on my desk:)