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  1. RollTheDice

    Background change

    Thanks! That's just what I needed. Don't care about the image quality, can ask my techie son to do it lol
  2. RollTheDice

    Background change

    NOTE: Just realized the background is really small. Tried different ones, they are all small.
  3. RollTheDice

    Background change

    Hey. Can someone change a background of one of my kids photos? I have the background and the image of one of my sons. He wants to do it to put it in a frame in his room.
  4. RollTheDice

    Hello! Noob alert

    Whats up everybody! I am a noob at photoshop, but I am good at parenting over 2 kids. Love anime, but gotta watch it at about 10 when the kids are asleep :banghead: but otherwise, a pretty good guy! Just needed help and wanted to chat with others about photoshop. Hope to get better from learning...