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    Specific Remove shadows

    Could you actually send the removed shadow photo without the color adjustments?
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    Specific Remove shadows

    Hi. Could someone remove the shadow on my arms? Also any minor enhancements to colors etc. Thanks
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    Specific Lighting fix

    I would like some lighting enhancements done (harsh shadows, glare removed etc)
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    Specific Face Switch Photoshop

    I would like my face here, to be swapped to the dude in the wedding picture
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    Specific Make the trees/leaves in the picture Autumn colors **The picture is in the link above. Image was too large to upload here Basically, I would like for the trees in the picture to look autumn-ish. Fix the lighting in the back as well so the sun isn't too harsh.
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    Specific Portrait Enhancement

    Would just like color enhancements and possibly smoothening of the face done with teeth whitening. Make the picture look nice and professional.
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    Paid Need facial enhancements for on 4 photos for $15

    I have 4 photos that need enhancements on the face and lighting. Dark spots in makeup/face should be removed. Any loose hair in front of face removed. Realistic enhancements to lighting. Harsh lines on face removed. Smoothening of face. Will pay $15 to best edits. Venmo preferred. Anything other...
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    Specific Fix grassy patch and any other enhancement

    That is a fantastic edit!! What all did you do to get it like that? I’m new to photoshop so I’d like to learn the features
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    Specific Fix grassy patch and any other enhancement

    The original photo is taken in an area with dead grass. Would like to just get that dead grass looking green. Mainly the area to the right of the car (front of picture). Also would like the vehicles on the back to be removed. Any other color enhancements or other enhancements would be...
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    Specific Teeth straightening + general color enhancements

    Straighten teeth in the picture and enhance color to look professionally taken
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    Specific Enhancement request

    I would like it to look more natural
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    Specific Enhancement request

    Just need the picture to be enhanced to look like professional DSLR image, and color enhancements
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    Specific Enhance portrait

    Thank you so much!
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    Specific Enhance portrait

    I really like this edit Argos. But could you possibly make the eyes a tad bit less glossy? Other than that, it’s perfect! Thank you!
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    Specific Enhance portrait

    I would like this photo to be enhanced with face smoothening and other color/tone corrections but still natural looking with whitening of the teeth.
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    Paid Need Enhancements in Photo paying up to $15

    It looks unrealistic. My face looks unnatural
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    Paid Need Enhancements in Photo paying up to $15

    I would like the photo to be edited to have my teeth straightened, enhancements to make the picture look very crisp and portrait-like, and smoothing of my skin. Deadline would be preferred to be around 24 hours, but if extra time is needed to make the picture look amazing, that is fine. I will...
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    Photoshop Request to look like portrait

    Hi, I'd just like to get this photo edited to where teeth are slightly whiter, face is smoother, and just any enhancement to make the picture look like a professional portrait. Thanks!