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    Please Help... I'm at the end of my rope!!

    Hi, I am totally frustrated. I made this outline with the pen tool and I want to put it on a new layer in the layers panel so that I can add some fx to it. What I want to do is a add a pattern inside of it (diagonal lines), but: I cannot figure out how to copy and paste it from the paths...
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    Remove White background From Existing Image (make transparent)

    Hi, I made this image but I forgot to make the background transparent - so only the lines are visible. So now I need to copy just the outline (and then add the lines afterward) to a new transparent layer so the background will show through between the lines in the image. Is there a quick and...
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    How To Cut This Shape Out

    Hi, Can anyone give me the steps to cut this shape out of the rectangle? I know it is pretty Simple, but I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks
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    Help Getting Rid of Jagged Edge

    Hi, I have this banner which I have been asked to get rid of the jagged edge on the curved line in the middle of the banner (between the photos and the top of the banner. Please see the attached image. I am not sure how to go about this. Do I trace a path along the existing curve and then...
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    Request for Help - Lines aren't black

    Hi, I have a small project which I am working on for a local gymnastics club that my girl is a member of. I was asked to redesign there club logo. I have something they like but I am having a problem. They need the lines in the lines in the body of the gymnast to be black. They are...
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    Need Help With an Action

    Hi, I am trying to you an action to sharpen photos. Here are the steps I am incorporating into the Action: Smart Sharpening Technique 1. Resize image; Convert to a Smart Object; Smart Sharpen; Click the eyeball to turn it off; Select All (Ctrl + A); Copy (Ctrl +C); While holding down...
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    Using Pen Tool to create the letter "O"

    Hi, As an example lets say I want to create a path using the pen tool to create the letter "O". Can this be done? Meaning how do I get the centre of the "O" cut out? Do I have to create a circle and then use the marquee tool to subtract from the circle or is there a way to do it all with...
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    Using a .png as a bullet in Powerpoint

    Hi, This may be off topic, but I thought I would give it a try. I made this simple glass button to use in Powerpoint as a bullet. When I import it into Powerpoint it comes in very small (so I have to increse its size to 400%. This is fine except it is then not centered on the text. Below...
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    Getting Rid of Original Outline

    Hi, I tried enough stabbing in the dark, so I am looking for some educated help. I am working on this gymnastics pose but I want to create a new outline with anchors - so I can edit it in a different way. I created a new outline (as you can see in the pic) by using the Freeform Pen Tool. Now...
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    How to change body silhouette porpotions

    Hi, I want to reduce the length of the legs a bit and straighten the back one out a bit. How can you go about this without changing a lot of the anchor points? Is there a way to select a portion of the leg or image and move it separately? Appreciate any help. Thanks Tony
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    Text to Path

    Hi, I am wondering what the best or correct way to do this: The way I did it is as follows: 2 layers, 1st layer create a circle with the elliptical marquess tool - convert to a path and then type "CANOSCOM" on the path 2nd layer same as above except "COS COORD" as the text. I had a real...