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  1. Cindy Grundsten

    My Prince

    Okey here comes a new one. Its a fairy tale. I have worked on it for some days, and I have changed it so many times. Now I think its time to let it go. I love the model stock and you can see all the credits in the link below. Stocks I have used
  2. Cindy Grundsten

    Lonely Elf

    I did an artwork with a wonderful stock from Deviantart. I always read stock providers Term of Use but this time I was not paying attention. This caused problem to me because I also had done a Tutorial from the work. And when I get back to the stock provider to read the Term of use again It sad...
  3. Cindy Grundsten

    Royal Queen

    Hello everybody! It was so long since I was here so I thought I'd upload an artwork that is fairly new. I hope you like. Sorry again for my bad English. I am not better in English as before :cry: Other stocks Model Dress Frame Pattern Backround, flowers, drape Dog
  4. Cindy Grundsten

    Magic moment

    Okey here comes another one! :lol: This is the same little girl as the other one I uploaded "Our secret place" Hope you like! Stock I have used Girl Volf Dragonfllyes Forest
  5. Cindy Grundsten

    Our secret place

    Hello! It was some time since I publiched something here. As usual I have been busy with too much of work. But I still have done some new artwork and I like to upload one of them here. Or maby more.........haha I dont want to spam you! :lol: This one took some time to finish, and I had to...
  6. Cindy Grundsten

    Friends Forever

    Anybody here as like rats? Well I do, I love all animals. And I also love to create artwork with animals. Here comes my latest artwork. And I loved to create this one. Some people maby dont like art like this, too childish maby, but it make me happy when I work on child and animal arts. I...
  7. Cindy Grundsten


    This is something new. I love animals and its so fun to create animal arts. I have done some other in colors, both dogs and cats. But this one without colors is a new way to work for me. I hope you like! :lol: Stock I have used: The cat Wall Floor Rat Stock provider for the hat I can...
  8. Cindy Grundsten

    Tutorial Photomanipulation

    Hello! Here is a tutorial I have made. This is to find in here: Deviantart. If you are a beginner I hope this can be very helpful to you. When I did this one I had PS CS5 But it does no matter if you have an older version. It works anyway. As you all know we all work different. The result can...
  9. Cindy Grundsten

    Judge for Valentine Cupid v2.0 Challenge

    Hello everyone! Some of you already know me, and some not... I am Cindy Grundsten from Sweden. And I am the one who shall judge in the Valentine Cupid Challenge. When I get asked by Ibclare if I wanted to judge the contest Valentine Cupid Challenge I got very glad and honored! Mostly because...
  10. Cindy Grundsten

    Magic light

    While I've started I can upload one more. This is my latest finished artwork. Just a cople of days old :) I dont know when I can be able to create next though I have some work to do first. But I hope I will have time to start a new one very soon. Hope you like! Model Backround Texture
  11. Cindy Grundsten

    Mystical Family

    Or the very very strange family.....with rats as pets and the house full of cobweb. (and cobweb means spiders too!):cry: This was so fantastic fun to make, I had a lovely time the whole way long :) It was so long since I published something here on Photoshop Gurus. I have missed you but I have...
  12. Cindy Grundsten

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  13. Cindy Grundsten

    Which one?

    Which one of the two models shall I keep? I always make several different versions, and then I can not choose. :banghead: Originals below
  14. Cindy Grundsten

    Bike babe

    A very simple photo manipulation. Only two shots. I know that this picture is pretty simple. But sometimes it's nice to make easier images. Especially when it is in the middle of the night and I really should sleep. Then it is good with quick job. You can also see the original.
  15. Cindy Grundsten

    Catch the time

    Catch time, catch the present moment This is a picture I've been working on from time to time. And today when it's Saturday I took some time off from other jobs and completed it. The background is mixed by three different images. The owl, lantern, tree roots, leaves and grass are sources from...
  16. Cindy Grundsten

    Marble Woman

    Hello I'm so happy today so I just have to tell you about it. I got a DD on Deviantart for my picture "Let No One Decide over your head" I knew nothing until I received congratulations on Facebook. Then I logged on Deviantart and saw it. I was both surprised and happy at the same time...
  17. Cindy Grundsten

    Just for fun!

    Let no one decide over your head! This was just for fun. :cheesygrin: The idea was that I should do something quickly. But still it took 10 hours to complete. Crazy! I had actually other things to do. :mad2: Source pictures from One of the elephants is a stock from...
  18. Cindy Grundsten

    A new manipulation "Broken"

    This is one of my latest work as I gave the title "Broken" When I have a lot of orders from customers I need to take a little break sometimes and rest from the picture for a while. What do I do on my break? I should perhaps go for a walk or maybe read a bit from my book. But no, I start...
  19. Cindy Grundsten

    Glad to be here!

    Hallo everyone! My name is Cindy Grundsten, and I live in Sweden. I was told by my friend JgraphNet about this site and became curious. I've been here and looked in a while and finally I decided to become a member. I'm not good at English, but I will do my very best. I'm not a...