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    Is it possible to create transparent shapes in Photsohop?

    I need to create 100% transparent objects in Photoshop, in this example I create simple shape using Polygon Tool, Normal mode and anti-alias: (can't post links yet, 2 more post to go and I'll edit :)) Now I create a shadow on new layer below, delete the...
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    How to save Pen Tool anchors?

    Like in the title? I had a very unpleasant surprise after saving my project, reopening it and seeing that all my anchors and lines between them just disappeared! :/ How to save them? Why they're not an object, like in Paint Shop Pro? Don't tell about brush stroke paths (I have them)...
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    Contour lines in Photoshop?

    Gaussian, thanks. Don't know why get "no url before 10 posts message". KrDezines, I was asking about changing line width, not drawing. Anyways, here's the solution: 1. Click Pen Tool (P). 2. Using Tool Settings Bar above your image set it to Paths > Auto/Add delete (default settings I...
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    Contour lines in Photoshop?

    Hello, I've been using PSP so I'm a bit lost in PS... I have a drawing, for example: I put it as a background and want to make contours above, in PSP it was really easy - Pen Tool > Connect segments > Line width. Done. In PS I have no idea how to do it: There is a Pen...