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    How to invert colors to white and transparent

    Hi guys, I basically want to achieve an effect where black and white image is inverted in such a way, that white color (and transparent on some areas) replace the black so it is visualized better on a black background. Example of a skull where eyeballs are transparent, the bones are white with...
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    Is there a way to fix and enlarge pixelated outline

    Hi guys, I found an old drawing on my hard disk, and I want to use it for a project. The problem is that image is with small resolution and when I zoom it it is pixelated. It is simple line drawing with no colors. Is there a way to scale it without loosing quality. I tried to trace it with...
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    Hi there :)

    Hi guys. I've been reading the forum for a long time and now I decided to join. I'm enthusiast and Photoshop is my favourite hobby. I believe I could learn so much here :) and I will be glad if I'm capable to help someone ..
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    How can I achieve similar effect?

    Hi guys, I'm doing project for my college. I want to make ripped effect on flag to look like used one. I look after effect similar to this: View image: flag - the edges and the "ripped" effect. How it is achieved - with brushes or what? Thanks in advance!