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    Logo Image Over Portion of Spry Drop Down Menu

    Can you place a logo over a portion of a spry drop down menu? Basically the spry drop down menu would cover the page from left to right except the left side of the menu will but directly up under the logo situated on the left side of the webpage.
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    Removing Camera Shine

    Is there a quicker way to remove camera shine? I have to individually do several pictures. I was hoping there was a way to batch edit several photos at once. I tried the ShineOff photoshop extension and it doesn't work that well in my opinion.
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    Connect The Edges of Letters Together

    How do you connect the edges of letters together as the logo at the top of this website is? They somehow connected the 'c' and the 'p'. I have searched all over the internet for fonts or a tutorial that explains this. NOTHING!!!!!
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    Best Photoshop Book For Retouching/Editing Portraits

    What do you think the best book is hands down for showing how to edit portrait photos of people?
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    How to make a photo fade to transparent in photoshop

    How do you make a photo fade to transparent in photoshop? I am attempting to let the orange edges of the image slowly fade into the black background of the webpage.
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    Creating Banner Images Lose Their Quality

    I created the attached banner in Photoshop CS5. I can tell once I put the images in the banner that their quality wasn't retained. So by the time I import it into Dreamweaver it looks even worse once it's stretched. It's not horrible, but the quality of the original images is still lacking.
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    Good to be in the presence of so much knowledge. I live in NC and am an aspiring web developer/designer.