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    Where to find photographer and a retoucher

    I was trying freelancer to find a photographer and a retoucher, but does anyone know about a site that can offer more options?
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    Grain in pic.

    Hey everyone.and especially those who have helped in me the past..this is one of the shots i have taken last or so. In photoshop it looks good..but when converting to SRGB and save it as JPG (save for web) and viewing it on screen, some colors in area seems to be have been lost. You can see the...
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    Make the best output of this picture

    Hey guys (and girls if any :D ) I need som brainstorming here. I have attached a NEF file that you all can play with. I wonder what you guys can come up with as the best final result of this image. It can be hard to see other viewers result i just want to know what you guys can...
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    iimage gets noisy after editing in RAW and opening it in photoshop

    I shoot in RAW and then i use Photoshop CC to open the RAW file. I do some editing. Then i click on "Open image". The image which is represented is very noisy. If i zoom in about 4 times on the picture, it becomes clear and without noise. If i zoom out then it becomes noisy. This only happens...
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    Difference in white balance between windows photo view and photoshop

    Hi everyone..this is my first thread. Im using CC and windows 7. I have also spyder utility 3 (calibration) installed on my computer. When i open a raw image in photoshop, do adjustments and then click on "Open image" to process for example more on white balance and save the file (Save as) as...