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    Hey everyone, Anyone care to give some opinions, concerns, advice about this website I have made for a client? Til The Night
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    Definetly a different kind of project..

    Did this for a friend who needed it on short notice, I'm pretty proud of my work on the interlacing of the arms. (I'm still new to PhotoShop) I could of done a lot better on the hair but well, did it for nothing and only had a short time to do it :p Finished product- Original-
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    Issue with layering I am having (Specifically for removing hair)

    Hey everyone, I just recently got Photo Shop and have had a great time using it, big step up from what I was using. I am very excited with the layering tools and especially to be able to remove hair so cleanly from backgrounds. Now, when using an image with a flat color background I can do...