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    How to achieve this Distortion/Shaky Effect

    So I stumbled upon these particular mage and was wondering if this is possible with photoshop? Thank You
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    Scratch Type Edit

    As you can see the hazy lines type of effect...any way to achieve it from PS?
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    Folding image with effects

    The topic pretty much says it all.... but i will provide with an image to give people clear idea as to what im looking for..
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    Layer filling

    Hi im trying something like this in which the layer is golden in color...but cannot achieve it. Any help would be appreciated
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    Multiple face effect

    Hello photoshop gurus.. A new challenge for me!!! From my previous topic, I think I know a bit of how I can achieve this...but still need to need help with the hazy effects!
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    Help making glare effect like this!!

    Can someone help me make the image glare split like this???