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    Collage templates for photoshop?

    Hi, I would like to make numerous "collage" or gallery style images for a website. I have been trying to create them from scratch in PS but finding it much more difficult than I expected to achieve a polished look. I wonder if anyone knows of a template that is free to use? I would like...
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    treating a group of images as one graphic?

    Hi, I hope I am posting this in the correct place- I have very little knowledge of photoshop and my version is VERY old so very few people will have it but the basics I think are kind of the same (hope so anyway). I am trying to create a background page for a new website I am working on using...
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    Hi, It's my first time here so I'm stopping in to say hi. I hope to be able to find some help here for my occasional dabbling's with Photoshop. I have a VERY old version but as I have hardly any knowledge of photoshop it is ok for the moment. Bye for now.:)