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    Paid Remove the child in Orange T-shirt

    Hey Gurus please remove the child in Orange T-shirt and beautify the photos. Ps.: I'm not into spending a lot of money.
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    Paid Background Change

    Hey gurus, this is a simple one. I need a background change to look like the ones of the studio ones. PS: Not looking to spend a lot of money.
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    Paid Background Change

    I have a photo of my son I would love to mount on a A2 board, but I would want the background changed to like the studio ones and the picture made HD. I will send the photo privately.
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    I have a project but due to time constarint I may not deliver, Its pretty simple one, Kindly PM me for details
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    Today is his 2nd birthday, I am requesting any guru to re-create this photo with a birthday theme, you can use your own ideas, maybe remove background and make it like a birthday poster or something
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    Paid Background

    I'm asking if anyone of you would remove the background from either of the photos and replace it a solid color like those ones always used on a photo studios.
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    Paid LOGO

    Hello there, I am looking for help to create a logo for my small business which deals with outside catering services and General office supplies. I intend to use the logo on my business receipts and letterhead. Anyone? The name of the business is JASOILE ENTERPRISES PS: I am not looking to...
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    HELLO GURUS Can someone remove the guy on the second photo and insert me there? Let me know if you can
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    Hello Gurus Can someone help carefully turn the background into white without altering the outline of the head, face, and neck of the baby?
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    Specific Can I be on the plantation

    Hello Gurus, I would like one of my photos attached put in the plantation instead of the guy in blue shirt. I would really appreciate. We are doing some learning on industrial hemp plantation and I wanna surprise my colleagues. Gurus, I would really appreaciate this one. thanking you in advance
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    Hello Everyone, My camera's setting cannot turn off the timestamp setting. I am requesting Gurus to kindly remove for me the timestamp. And also make it look sharp and nice. Ther are many photos but all are of important moment Thanks Everyone.
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    Specific BACKGROUND

    Hello Gurus, I would like to introduce my son to our extended family back at home this new years eve, though i want to change the background to to a uniform color, either black or white color, or smoky background like those ones people take at the studio. I know gurus knows better than me, so...
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    Hi gurus, I am requesting if some can remove for the shadow of the photographer.
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    Restoration OLD PHOTO

    Hello Gurus, This photo was taken over 25 years ago, its my brother. I would like to put it on a frame, Its 2 decades since he died and this the only photo i have but it was taken on low resolution with poor light. I am asking for help from any guru who can make the photo look new and make it HD...
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    Happy December everyone, I dont know if my request will be possible, but i would like a guru to help remove my background and the glass on the table. The background should be that i sit on a nice seat or in an airplane first class seat lol! or just a nice seat. thanking you guys.
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    Hi gurus, I am trying to make these photos of mine look great I would like to make the background of one be like i am in a airport and the other like i am in a train station. I would want to surprise someone. I would be happy to see a positive feedback. Thank you guys.
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    Dear Gurus, I recently sent this photo for my passport but it was rejected because there is no balance of natural light. I am requesting any online guru to assist because the photo studio is far from where i live. Here are the instructions wanted Minimum acceptable dimensions are 600 pixels...
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    I am a newest member here, I really love photography, feel free to say hi
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    Creative Wedding photos

    Hello to gurus, my wife and I will be celebrating third anniversary and the photos we taken are not nice and I want to print them and send them to my parents. I am request if someone can make the photos look so nice with better background like a waterfall or a mountain, with light effects and...