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    Logo design for a cap

    Hi all, Looking at getting a logo design for a cap. This is the logo we have had on the side of our building for the past 60 years. My first idea of this, would be an oval logo, with just the word BRYANT'S in Red, in a similar font, and possibly the three stripes underneath, coming up to...
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    Quick edit of a logo

    Tricky edit of a logo Hi wonderful gurus Could some please take the Five out, and replace it with the word FIVES. In a similar type of font, centered and slightly curved? Many thanks in advance
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    Me again with the Airplane

    Hi again, Would it be possible to lose all the buildings in the background horizon of this photo? Also, maybe a bit trickier, but lose the patch of grass in the bottom right, to make it all runway? Could it be possible to see just the buildings gone, and one of both gone. Thanks in advance...
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    Could anyone help with the focus of this picture?

    HI all, Please could this picture by edited (if possible) to make the plane be a little more in focus? Tail number clearer etc.... Camera had trouble capturing it at speed. Any help will be gratefully received
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    Different color request?

    I'm looking at getting the plane repainted. I have found this paint scheme that I really like. Could anyone try some different color schemes? Maybe a royal blue main color with other combinations, or whatever, whatever color schemes would work? Any help would be much appreciated