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  1. SHARK X

    the warrior of sparta

    i had some free time so i made this pic for my little bro
  2. SHARK X

    3D Audi R8

    my latest work on c4d
  3. SHARK X

    3D my own 3d character

    This is my own 3d character. i know that the lights are missing i didnt do them because i didnt had time because of the exams so i posted it uncomplete.
  4. SHARK X

    3D 3D Sackboy

    This is my first Design on Cinema 4D :)
  5. SHARK X

    check out this text

    i made this with photoshop and c4d
  6. SHARK X

    font name

    can anyone tell me what is the name of the font on this logo???
  7. SHARK X

    look what a cup of water have done!

    look what a cup of water have done to the car!!
  8. SHARK X

    check this out!!

    thats my little bro now and in the future!!
  9. SHARK X

    eminem and me!

    tell me if there is anything wrong in the photo so i can improve it
  10. SHARK X

    my own ps3 game cover!

    thats me in the picture, it didn't take a lot of time but i think its great!:rocker: