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    Logo Development (.ai format preferred)

    Hi all, Here is my rough concept for a logo # 1 # 2 "Media" refers to modern technology so the logo should reflect this. Any feedback please - likes or dislikes as potential for development? I am not stuck with it and am free to throw it out and start again if necessary. If it is ok for...
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    Illustrator Printing - PS v AI

    Hi all, I want to print an A4 document with text. Is AI better than PS for this? I know that increasing or decreasing the size of an original pixel image damages the quality but suppose I prepare the document in PS at the correct size ie no increasing or decreasing the size - would the printed...
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    Illustrator Document size / DPI (newbie)

    Hi all, I think I read somewhere that documents such as .ai and .pdf do not have a DPI (dots per inch) or a DPI setting but rather DPI is determined by the printer when printing. On the other hand I have read that documents need to be at least 300 DPI to for good quality printing - or does this...
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    Illustrator Paint effect

    Hi all, Any ideas please how I can get a paint effect something like the attached? Thanks...
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    Illustrator Create guide (newbie)

    Hi all, In PS I can set a percentage for my guide so 50% would be dead centre. In AI I know I can drag the ruler to set a new guide but can I set a percentage - for example 50% of the artboard? Thanks...
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    How do I do this? (image + grey)

    Hi all, Assuming I am starting with a regular photo, any ideas please how I can get a grey look like this in CS6? Thanks...
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    How to do this button?

    Hi all, Any ideas please how I could do something like this button in CS6? I have attached a psd for a similar button but I am not sure why / how it is using the shapes. I mean do I need to use shapes or is there an alternative route? Thanks :)
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    rounded corner empty frame - CS6

    Hi all, I want to create a border ie an empty frame to which I will later add content. If I do rectangle tool then Select / Modify /Smooth I get jagged edges (attached, zoomed in view). The black in the attached is just an extra layer for contrast but I want a layer with just the white border...
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    Text not sharp / clean

    Hi all, In the attached CS6 file, the text colour is #fff, regular and anti-alias sharp and the background is plain (no effects etc). So there should be a strong contrast between the text colour and the background colour but it seems to my eyes that the text look a bit dull, out of focus and...
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    Rounded corners without jagged edge

    Hi all, I want to have rounded corners on my boxes something like this (ie corners are smooth not jagged). So I make a selection with the rectangular marquee tool then select / modify / smooth 4 pixels, new layer via copy then save the new layer as a png. But on my saved png each corner has...
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    Gradient how to

    Hi all, Any ideas please for how I can get a gradient something like the attached eg which gradient picker (I don't think it is foreground to background) and which gradient (I don't think it is linear) or any other suggestions? Thank you :)
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    border groove

    Hi all, I am trying to get a groove effect something like seen in the footer here which uses a 2px x 1px image (which I think is left pixel #0c0c0c, right pixel #3f3f3f) on a grey background. So is this image just one dark pixel and one light pixel or is there more to it than this? Any...
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    Hey all, Can anyone please take a look here. I want to add some text to the centre of the house image and in order to make this text more readable, I want to fade this central area of the image, maybe using opacity. So I created a mask = the outer area of the image is 100% opacity, while...
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    background bleed image

    Hi all, my background here has a bleed image (900px) which is fine. but other pages are longer than 900px = need to extend background image ie first 900px exactly like the above page but then extending longer (eg 2500px) my effort here is perfect except there is horizontal line occurring at...
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    header inspiration

    Hi all I am working on this header (lower one is alternative version). Any comments / ideas / inspiration please?? Thank you :cool2:
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    Header background

    Hi all, Is there a name for this background effect (ie the flower)? I can get this kind of look using the brush tool but if I start with any random image such as this can I make it into this kind of background? Thank you :)
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    delete wispy hair

    Hi all, Any suggestions please for the best way to delete all the bits of wispy hair here in CS5? The spot healing brush tool (content aware) works ok in some places but in other places makes a mess. :cry: Thank you :)
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    Photoshop gurus logo

    Hi all, I have a png file of a signature like the attachment. I want to lose the white background and change the signature colour from black to something else like green or blue. Any suggestions please? Thank you :)