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  1. hawkeye

    Work in Progress Created with Photoshop

    My current project, McDonald's restaurant in Luxor Egypt, directly across from Luxor Temple.
  2. hawkeye

    Nearing completion

  3. hawkeye

    See anything wrong

    I saw this picture posted on Facebook and to me it doesn't look right. I circled the area that stood out for me. Not that it matters really, it's just that I notice these things and wondered what others may think.
  4. hawkeye

    Created entirely in Photoshop

    I finished this late last year created entirely in Photoshop, based on a picture I took in Seattle.
  5. hawkeye

    Free Photoshop Work

    It's become obvious that this site is composed primarily of people who see no value in their own time and skills and therfore is has devolved into the "come to place" for all things free. If you don't value your own skills, certainly no one else ever will. I believe my time here has come to an...
  6. hawkeye

    Alien photo??

    How about some Photoshop detective work? What do you think?
  7. hawkeye

    Some nice colorization work
  8. hawkeye


    Please help my friend Ali Gamal to feed the poor people in Egypt. Even if you can only afford a dollar, it will go a long way towards helping these homeless adults and children.
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    Really bad Photoshopping
  10. hawkeye

    Helping a grieving father

    Complete Strangers Photoshop A Picture Of An Infant To Help A Grieving Dad
  11. hawkeye

    What's up with this?

    This morning my notifications says 734 and I can't add an attachment, the page just comes up blank.
  12. hawkeye

    Photshopped or not

    I've seen people post images and want opinions as to whether or not it was Photoshopped. But in most cases we don't actually get an absolute answer because the poster is no the creator. Why not post our own images and let people try to determine if it's real or fake. Then we can know the...
  13. hawkeye


    Am I the only one who hates iGoogle being discontinued? Besides missing the convenience of the things on iGoogle, clock, weather, headlines, currency calculator, etc., it's now just blank except for the search box in the middle. On my 27" monitor that huge expanse of white is almost blinding.
  14. hawkeye

    Change your Adobe password

    Got an email today:
  15. hawkeye

    Adobe hacked

    I guess this is Creative Cloud customers credit card info?
  16. hawkeye

    I'm curious...Does anyone here like to travel ??

    If you travel, how often and where have you been, and what is your favorite destination? Where would you like to go or to know more about?
  17. hawkeye

    Shapes around a circle

    There seemed to be a lot interest in the subject. Yesterday I went over the simple and fast method using a brush. Now I'll bring out the big guns. Note the black circle just acts as a placement guide. Step 1:
  18. hawkeye

    New 27" Samsung monitor

    I picked up a HD 27" Syncmaster monitor the other day, I should have done this a long time ago. I have room to spare now:
  19. hawkeye

    Photoshop flub
  20. hawkeye

    Careless Photoshopping

    Text plus ripple effect=