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  1. ALB68

    How to repair this?

    Fellow members, I have this photo that is in bad need of a repair. The photo has been damaged some way and has this awful green area over a good part of the whole image, including the faces of the subjects. I have tried a lot of the tools I have in my bag but I am having difficulty reducing it...
  2. ALB68

    Photo of Emily's Award for the Restoration Challenge

    Emily Rutter was the challenge/contest winner and she is getting this award sent to her today. Thought you guys might be interested in seeing it. It is 10.5" x 13 made of Premium Alder wood and is Laser engraved by me. Below shot shows some of the detail of the engraving. The photos are of...
  3. ALB68

    Announcement of the Winner of the Restoration Challenge

    Our winner is Emily Rutter gathering 67% of the vote.:thumbsup: I will be getting Emily's award out to her next week as soon as she advises where to send it. Thanks to everyone who participated. You guys and girls turned is some really nice work!
  4. ALB68

    Poll Vote-Restoration - Polls close 1/18/2015

    Below are the entries for the challenge as well as the original for reference. Please vote your favorite. Original Chrisdesign IbClare Colleague Gedstar Paul 1st Paul 2nd Paul 3rd Emily
  5. ALB68

    Restoration Challenge with a Prize for the Winner

    This image is actually a 3 year old girl, made as a tin type in 1860. This child lost her hearing at age 5 but grew up to be the wife of a very famous man, Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Mr Bell undertook to restore her hearing and in the process ended up inventing the...
  6. ALB68

    New! Gray-scale to Color- Depression era farmer

    Found this old guy at the Library of Congress photo collection from back in the day. I just liked his look for a color conversion. All done with pen tool selections, hue and saturation adjustment layers with colorizing. Source: Library of Congress
  7. ALB68

    A Memorial I made for a deceased Pee Wee football player

    I recently made this for a local YMCA to give to the parents of a young man that passed away. I don't know the circumstances of it but I was asked to create this for a presentation to his parents. This is almost all Photoshop work with the exception of the back and the base. I made this by first...
  8. ALB68

    Super moon composite

    Members that know me know I don't usually do these. But since I had this nice moon photo I made I thought I would embellish it a bit as a composite. I made the moon photo and paid a dollar for the image license for the lady.
  9. ALB68

    Illustrator Illustrator 2014 won't start

    I had not used AI for a few days and I went to open it from the shortcut on my desktop. It reports "could not complete the requested operation". I tried it from the program directory, same thing. So, I get on a chat with Adobe tech support, he failed to solve it and I had to go to do something...
  10. ALB68

    Photo of Buck Moon taken with my new Fujifilm SL1000

    Got a new digital toy for my birthday this week. Have had Nikon DSLRs for a long time, but just wanted something to play with. This thing has a 1200mm digital zoom built in. Fujifilm SL1000. We have an extraordinary moon tonight that is being called the Buck Moon (some kind of legend I think) ...
  11. ALB68

    Color from Greyscale-My Version of Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother (1936)

    Here is my colorized version of Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother photo from 1936 during the Great Depression. I tried to maintain the mood of the image, as that was a very dark time in our Nation's history. Many of you young people on here have no idea how bad this was. I was born after it...
  12. ALB68

    Sunday project : Colorization from vintage greyscale

    Felt like doing a colorization today. Had this photo that I had downloaded from the Library of Congress's archive of this lady socialite from 1912. It was originally 1400 dpi, I brought it down to 300 to make it easier to work with. This was done in CMYK, using a curves adjustment for the skin...
  13. ALB68

    Adobe- New Photoshop Upgrade -Huge

    Guys and Girls, Creative Cloud updates are huge. I downloaded the update this morning for PS along with Illustrator, Bridge and Muse. If you have CC, when you open the Apps to update it has the link to describe what is new. One of the things I particularly like is that they added the Typekit...
  14. ALB68

    Decal for school-made with AI and PS

    Thought I would post this. This will be printed, then hot laminated with a peel and stick adhesive back attached as the bottom layer. It will be sold to parents and school supporters as a decal or possibly applied to acrylic, cut out with the laser for keytags. I made the anchor. rope and text...
  15. ALB68

    Edit to repair a damaged photo

    This photo was carried in a wallet and severely damaged. I actually worked with split frequency to help in the process of removing all of the damage. Turned out pretty well I think. Repair:
  16. ALB68

    Color correction needed

    This photo was posted here once before. I had it in my archive. However, the procedure for repairing something like this has totally left the old man. So, please refresh my memory .
  17. ALB68

    Another Colorization

    This native American chief was originally photographed by Edward Curtis and copyrighted by him in 1900. It is now in public domain and is from the Library of Congress. I try to think of colors that would be available in the native people's environment and they would use to decorate their...
  18. ALB68

    Before and After -Colorization

    Content deleted due to lack of interest :cry:
  19. ALB68

    Retouch attempt

    I saw the thread about split frequency technique used for retouching. I found this photo and thought it would be a good candidate to try this technique. I wanted to keep the subject looking as natural as possible, improving it yet not making her look like some of the typical retouches I see...
  20. ALB68

    Help Correcting this Image

    Just kiddin :bustagut: