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    Poster Design

    the reason I chose this font is because the poster is inspired by saul bass previous poster designs, that font is very similar to his style, but I get where you are comming from.
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    Poster Design

    Hello all, been a few years since my last post, must say loving the new forum looks! Here is a poster I designed recently to frame for my bedroom, feeback appreciated! :)
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    Need 2D Logo for CSGO team.

    I can do this for you, do you still need?
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    Photo Enhancement / Touch Up of 3 Images / $50.00

    I can sort this for you if it is still required! drop me an email with the RAW images/Jpegs do you have skype so I can instant msg you with changes etc?
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    Looking for Photoshop gurus for long term contract work

    Take that pic for example, I have applied the background texture to the AK47, If he has models of the furniture or if they dont take so long to create. you could apply a texture using 3dsmax and its very realistic
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    Looking for Photoshop gurus for long term contract work

    Best way to do it would be in a 3d application, but only if you had blueprint/3d model of the furniture you are applying the textures to
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    Before and After -Colorization

    thats interesting... a 100% transparent colorization! Must do one of these sometime
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    Stuck on this car vector!

    How come you have the back bumper on the front of the car?
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    What's your computer ?

    Built my new system last week: i7 4770k (overclocked to 4.6ghz) Teamgroup Extreme 16gb ram (2400mhz) Nvidia GTX 780 Hercules iChill Asus Maximus Hero VI ROG EVGA Supernova G2 850w
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    Make my picture pink and purple like this

    here is my take, let me know what you think
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    Need Help ASAP!

    sam knows what I mean ;)
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    Need Help ASAP!

    thats ace sam but I think ur dots are upside down
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    shark logo

    I think its swimming the wrong way??
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    My First 3D Image

    r u on LSD bro? that one is definitely upside down!
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    My First 3D Image

    Catching on with the "upside down" thing ;)
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    3D Moved on to 3D Modelling, complex but fun...

    I created that in 3Ds max and vray, I have been using it for around 2 years though and I wouldn't consider that image finished. What kind of stuff will you be making with 3ds? Interiors? characters?
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    I need HELP asap!!

    Paul and iDad are trolls
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    3D Restraunt Design

    Thanks!! :)
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    3D Restraunt Design

    I have made some changes to my design! thanks