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    Poster Design

    Hello all, been a few years since my last post, must say loving the new forum looks! Here is a poster I designed recently to frame for my bedroom, feeback appreciated! :)
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    3D Restraunt Design

    Hey all, I have just created a restaurant design for my friends hotel. And I would like some comments on the design. 3Ds Max Vray Render Apprx Time Spent: 18h
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    3d Room C4D - VRAY

    Room I created in C4D and rendered with Vray
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    another logo! feedback plz

    For gasmonkey clothing simple and effective I think... Feedback appreciated
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    Logo Design - SIN

    A logo I created for a adult entertainment club Feedback Appreciated
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    AE vs PS for stills I have used After Effects for recolorization ( Examples )and many other things on stills, I find it in some cases better that photoshop I think its mainly down to the no destructive work flow...
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    Logo Feedback :p

    Created this in illustrator for a company Look Both Ways , Feedback is appreciated
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    Feedback on another logo :)

    Just want to know what people think of this for my friends catering van; I know I have been asking for alot of feedback on stuff , but I value a gurus opinion :)
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    Feedback on a logo

    Just created this logo for a Vietnam travel company, does it look ok? ( before I send it to them ) any feedback is appreciated :) ( Colour choice is due to the website theme )
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    Logo Design :) what do you think

    Can I get some feedback on this logo I made for a guy? just hoping it looks the part for his IT company. Thannks
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    Simpson drawing

    Was bored so drawn bart :P
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    Help restoring logo

    Hello guys, im trying to restore/change this logo for my brother , its not very good quality but its the only version I can get atm. What I want doing is, the background removing, and the inner of the logo changing to black. Also the white outline around the edge needs fixing. If anyone can...
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    Halloween that!

    Hey guys , I was thinking since haloween is comming up, we should have a thread where people can post pics they want haloweening e.g turning into a zombie/vampire etc . I can imagine alot of people will want these for there facebook profile pic over haloween, if you are feeling brave try...
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    was bored so I put my face onto a celeb ( jason statham ) anyone else wanna try one :P?
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    Picture touch up

    A quick retouch I did (not my photo :p) look decent?
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    Moar dave hill!

    Loving this dave hill effect :P , anyone got their attempts?
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    Photoshop gurus desktop theme?!

    Had a little play in 3ds max, made a quick desktop theme, sorry about the gradients in the logo , couldnt seem to get them to stick with the lighting an all :) link to 1920x1080
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    Finished Colour Restoration

    So after alot of adjustments I have this black and white picture restored to colour hope you like it ! Might come up with a tutorial on how I did this in a few days :P
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    Color Restoration BW to Color

    Hey guys , after the einstine restoration i thought I would try another , came up with this , what do you think? (second color restoration I have ever done :P) BEFORE <-after Tweaked it abit nails and cheeks for the extra color :P thanks for the feedback
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    Before and after edit

    What do you think of this? its a before and after , ps im abit noob