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  1. QuantumTyphoon

    The city sleeps

    I'm not sure if I should continue to share my images through the mists of avalon thread or create a new one. Anyway I thought I'd post this image. I sold it in an exhibition I had. In the exhibition it was it was much much larger and on canvas, but you get the idea. I'm sure you could easily...
  2. QuantumTyphoon

    alternative to advanced photoshop magazine?

    I figured I'd ask since they stopped publishing the magazine a while back.
  3. QuantumTyphoon

    Out of the mists 8th street Avalon

    That's cool Argos. Do you know how to make your smoke look more like fog? Any hints? I suppose if I were to guess I would try using color correction/saturation and levels.
  4. QuantumTyphoon

    Out of the mists 8th street Avalon

    Thanks ARgos and Iamsam. Your comments cover what was on my mind actually. The store you see is a bookstore. I attempted to use different pictures of clouds from my library of shots, but I can't seem to match the light with the different cloud sources and I can't seem to make clouds look like...
  5. QuantumTyphoon

    computer specs

    I asked some photoshop dev through tech support when I bought photoshop cs6. He told me that it's the number of cores that help with processing panorama's. Like 20 raw images from a 16 mp camera combined into the panorama thing. Anyway Photoshop wants as many cores as you can buy for...
  6. QuantumTyphoon

    Out of the mists 8th street Avalon

    I played around with multiple layers. I used a lot of masks for the clouds and mist. I took the picture of the store and the clouds.. Not of the man. I only masked in part of the mage and left most of the light from the picture I masked/cut it out of. Thing is the light on the mage doesn't match...
  7. QuantumTyphoon

    Hi from Canada

    I've been using photoshop since around 2001. I hate the current version of photoshop cc and if I could burn it, I would. I also do photography and have had some local exhibitions.