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    Creative Symbol edit

    Greetings! Just to provide some context, I'm writing a story and I came up with a symbol for a fictional company that is important for the plot. I'm not some skilled graphic designer (obviously), so I'm looking for someone who could make this simple version look more like some actual logo? Go...
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    Specific Remove background

    Greetings! I need to edit this album cover - remove background to transparency. I need the text, the hands and the bird. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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    Specific Kitten photoshop

    Hi everyone! I have a request that should be fairly easy. Could you make an image of the smaller cat (one on the right) so she looks like peeking out of a pocket? The pocket should be black, with transparent background? For a reference, you can follow my extremely awesome artistic rendition...
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    Specific Remove background

    Hello there! Could anyone here please remove the background from this picture, so there's only the kitten on white/transparent BG? OPTIONAL: I need the kitten to be peeking from a breast pocket (black) of a shirt,like this But if it's too much of a hassle, I can do it myself. Thank you a lot!
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    Specific Remove text

    Greetings, can, please, someone remove the purple text "Bringing it Down (Version 2.0)" from the bottom of the picture? "Starset" can stay. I intend creating a phone wallpaper. Thank you!
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    Specific Enlarge banner

    Greetings, I don't know if it's possible, but if it is, I'd be grateful if someone took the banner below and made it larger (something like 1500x1000 px), in better quality. I'm trying to use it for my writing blog and it looks quite blurry. Thank you!
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    Specific Request from a writer

    Greetings, all I need is to remove the rainbow make-up from the girl's face. There's NO HOMOPHOBIA INTENDED. I'm a fiction writer and this girl fits one of my characters great, it only does the best without the rainbow on her face. Thanks!