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    Recreating a 3D font...

    Hey PG, long time no see! I have a bit of a specific question here; I have a piece of source material and I need to replace one of the words in the image with a different word, but emulating the same font/coloration/lighting etc. As a noob, I haven't attempted anything like this yet, and I was...
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    Changing DAYTIME to NIGHTTIME..?

    Hi photoshop masters, I'm trying to change this photo (attached below) from it's plain, overcast-ish original to a dramatic nighttime photo. Can anyone recommend any tutorials or advice? thanks!!
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    YUCKY ViGnEtTe!!

    Hi forum! much thanks for any help!! ok.. simple question.. i have a small circle in the center of my image and I'm trying to create a massive vignette around it.. i've tried this a number of ways, and they all leave a gradient that is too rough/jagged. i just basically need a central...