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    My First Attempt At Colouring

    nice work sir how do you color a black and white photo?
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    Hi Im new here any one from Philippines

    Hi im new here Any member here from Philippines? hi kabayan :cheesygrin: Hi to all
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    Me New Tattoo

    nice tatoo you got there. how much did it cost you? my local tatoo shop here offer me 400 dollar for that size of tatoo
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    Help and how to get started

    try to visit I learn a lot from that site with step by step procedures
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    How do I fix photos I resized?

    click on the image menu > image size make sure the proportion is check. Then adjust the length and width should automatic adjust. HTH
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    could someone suggest what to do next?

    Try to change the black background to something war zone background
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    Body color a car bodykits

    Please help what are the step to copy the color of a car and paint it. Im editing a car and add bodykits now im having problem in puting colors on the bodykits. I just want to look like original color. thanks