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    How to create light glow effect from background?

    Hi, I want a red light glow effect to pass through the black area from the background? How to create this effect, please help
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    How to create a hole like appearance in a 3D Shape?

    Hi, I want to add a hole (like the one in the top) in the 3D shape shown in the middle of the image, the size of the hole is like the one shown in the red? Please someone share the step by step tutorial.
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    How to create your own patterns?

    Hi, How to create your own patterns like shown?
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    How to change pattern colors?

    Hi, In the attached file, pattern is black stripe and other areas are transparent. I want to change the colour of the pattern with Hue & Saturation. I tried with Hue & Saturation, but it is not working. Does the Hue & Saturation won't work with black colour? How to do this?
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    How to get this border effect and the texture effect?

    Hi, I want to get the border effect "around WED" same as the below image. How to achieve that, detailed tutorial plz. Thanks in advance
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    How to Create this Layer Style Effect?

    Hi, How to create this layer style effect? with step by step tutorial plz..
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    Drawing Lines and different shapes in Photoshop

    How to draw these shapes without rasterizing the layer? 1. The first circle shape is drawn, i want to convert the shape as right hand side without rasterizing it, is it possible. 2. How to achieve the result of the bottom shape (the edges are tapering)
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    Need Help to get this effect

    I want to get the effect of this image, please share the detailed tutorial for the following The bevel effect as below The shadows all around the bevel was uniformly black (which am not able to achieve in the layer style, when am apply drop shadows only on the two sides the shadows appearing...
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    3D effect using 2D in photoshop

    How to create this 3D effect (Front/top view only as shown in the image)
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    How to Get this gradient effect?

    Dear All, Please help how can i get this effect (attached image) in photoshop? Does a shape with a gradient overlay could do? Someone please share a downloadable gradient file for this effect. Thanks in advance