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    Paid Logo Creation

    Hello! Again! I've hired several people here for commissions - I have NEVER been unsatisfied with the work provided here. I'm looking to have a logo designed for a new business of mine. The name of the game is elegant, yet sophisticated. I love patterns (which symbolize complex dynamic...
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    Paid Presentation Design

    Hi there, Seasoned paid design guy here. Can someone assist with designing a presentation or various presentations for my business? Looking for someone who has experience designing such in PS and will have a programmer make the design live. Pages will be 4 main pages, a cover, an...
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    Paid 40 Photo Request

    Hi guys - I'm back! This time, with a new task! I just dont have the time to edit these myself. I've attached some examples of photos that I've edited for reference. Basically, we need forty photos that are edited to have black and white backgrounds and gold accents. These accents can be the...
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    Specific Increase size and resolution

    Could someone kindly increase the size and resolution for this photo?
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    Specific First Annual Audi S6/7/8 RS7 Event Banner

    Hi there!!! First and foremost, I love this place - you guys are awesome. All of the stuff for my business that I need goes right to the paid section and all of my fun stuff comes here - phenomenal work. Thank you all! This is a bit of a creative one, have fun with it! I'm looking for a...
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    Specific Car Editing

    Hi there, I'm in the market for a new car and would like to see what it looks like with various color wheels - could someone kindly lower this vehicle by the equivalent of 17mm, darken the window tints, and change the wheel color to a bronze, gold, and black? Thanks in advance!
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    Paid Number of photo edits

    Hi there guys, I have used the free forums before with great success - wonderful stuff. However, this time, since its for my company and not just a few opinions here and there, I have a set of several photos that need to be edited professionally. I will upload a few photos of examples (in the...