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    Opinion wanted and some help requested !!

    Hi all I'm quiet new to the photoshop scene but 'tootling' along :D Here's some of my work (with before and after) 1: a simple mess about practise with colouring in B&W 2: My Great-grandfather, a Royal Artillery soldier from WW1 before and after I repaired and colored 3:The above...
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    Need feedback (and help if possible) on TWO war hero images

    Hi all, So I'm new (ish) too fixing up photos in photoshop and have attempted to fix up two deceased family members, my great grandfather who served in WW1 and his son (my grandfather) who served in Royal horse guards in the 50's and saw active service in Cyprus during their 'disaster' I'm...
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    Grandmothers birthday present of her late husband

    Ok so my grandmother turns 80 this coming Febuary, and due to such a rough year for her I wanted to do something a bit special... I've managed to get a pic of her late husband whilst he was an active serviceman for "The Royal Horse Guards" household cavalry (army) she hasn't seen this photo in...
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    War hero request

    Hi all, I have a photo of my late great-grandfather who was a Royal Artillery serviceman who saw active service during World War 1, he has since passed away in the mid 1970's and all we have of his time in the forces is this old grainy photo and a WW1 shell casing from the battlefront itself ...