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    How to use a layer mask on multiple layers

    I have an image, to which I have applied several adjustment layers, but there is an area of the image I want to exclude from these layers. I know how to edit the layer mask for each adjustment layer, but is there an easy way to apply the same mask to all the adjustment layers? Using Photoshop...
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    Removing highlights in a layer mask

    I have a photo I'm converting from night to day that was taken in some woodland. While I'm fine with adjusting the curves and temperature for the whole image, there are still a few places where the sunlight has broken through the canopy and I would like to remove them with a layer mask but I...
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    Hi all, I'm a part time wedding photographer with a very good knowledge of lightroom, but a rookie when it comes to photoshop. I've started to get into PS a bit these past few weeks, but the more I play, the more I see this vast horizon of potential spread bewilderingly out infront of me...