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    Specific Remove trash cans

    This is really good.
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    Specific Remove trash cans

    It's almost impossible to show the building if I remove the trash cans, so I covered it up with more cars. Removing all the cars is too difficult.
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    Specific Please swap face and remove labels.

    Here's mine with the ear corrected.
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    Specific Please swap face and remove labels.

    I just finished one, as well.
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    Specific Remove Seatbelt, Please

    @Babine, Nice job with the color casts. How did you do this? Did you convert the T-shirt and car to Black & White? When I was looking at this a few days ago, I was convinced that the T-shirt needed to be white. But I had a hard time getting rid of the blue cast. None of the usual color cast...
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    how to open mouth

    This requires a brief anatomy lesson, plus a bit of freehand drawing skill. The jawbone is essentially a hinge that pivots on the skull. The pivot point sits very near the earlobe. (See area below shaded in red.) You need to find the jawbone on the profile photo that you want to edit. The...
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    Wading Deeper Into Photoshop Luminosity

    John, This is interesting. Without thinking it through, I would have guessed that the luminosity level was independent of Hue. Instead of a mountain shape, I would have guessed a smooth gradient.
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    Specific Darker consistent lighting for a horror piece

    I tried to fake it with the radio by giving it a top and putting shadows under it. Here's what it could look like on the adjusted table that IamSam just posted.
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    Specific Darker consistent lighting for a horror piece

    Re-reading my post, I hope I didn't come across as unduly harsh. It was not intended.
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    Specific Darker consistent lighting for a horror piece

    I see two main issues with this: shadows and perspective. Regarding shadows, if you observe any real object in a real room, you'll see dark shadows where the object rests on a surface (see image). For example, your table looks like it's floating in the air because it lacks a drop shadow that...
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    Specific Remove Child from photo and sharpen picture

    Of course, I keep finding things to change. Use this one.
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    Sports uniform swap

    My opinion is that it can't be done. The action image has twisting (shoulders going one way, hips going the other way), foreshortening in one arm and one leg, plus all the shadows and creases that make it three-dimensional and give it bulk. The vector uniform is flat—almost cartoonish—and the...
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    Specific Remove lady in green dress.

    Not much activity in the forum lately, so we all gave it a try.
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    Specific Content aware scale for portrait

    I just noticed that I forgot some shading. Please use this one.
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    Specific Please remove my ex from the attached picture

    Difficult to know exactly what the background should look like, so I took some artistic license.
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    How to remove those stripes from image? Please help

    Are you familiar with a technique called Frequency Separation? I used it here. Tutorial below. (At the 2:40 point of the tutorial when he does a blur... I used a blur of 3 pixels for your image. You can experiment with this amount.)
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    Specific New member needs edit

    Thanks. I used the Color Sampler tool to place markers on two adjacent areas of skin that need to be the same color. I opened a Curves adjustment, selected marker #2, and individually adjusted the RGB channels to make its color equal to marker #1 (195, 171, 174). Then I filled the entire curves...
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    Specific New member needs edit

    She wants the shadow removed from the face (the word shadow is a typo... it's written as "show" in the original request). Here's my quick attempt. This image looks like it has already been photoshopped. There are some very funky edges, such as this one: