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    Specific Can you make this photo look more recent

    This is a picture of my dog that passed away a few days. This photo was taken about 10 years ago with a BlackBerry, is there any chance to enhace it and make it look like a recent photo (better quality?). Thank you so much!. I
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    Specific Can you change shirts color?

    Dear PhotoShop Gurus, The dog company we used to work for is no longer in existence. Is there any way to change people's shirts to avoid the purple and the yellow logo? Same goes for the dogs with the purple bandana and logo. Plain regular one color shirt would be great!. Thank you,
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    Specific Convert yellow grass to green

    Hello Gurus! I'd really love to see that dying yellow of the grass to turn into a summer green color. Thank you very much in advance!. Keep it the amazing work you are doing! Love! Mod edit: One edit per request please. Thanks.