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    Adjustment Layers or Camera Raw

    I always shoot RAW and do adjustments in ACR. That doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a use for similar tools when you bring the image into Photoshop though.
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    Adjustment Layers or Camera Raw

    Hi Teddy, If you're using ACR to adjust a JPG or a TIFF to adjust brightness or contrast, you're basically doing the same thing as you would be doing in Photoshop using the brightness or contrast tool. If you're editing a RAW file in ACR it's something completely different. A JPG out of the...
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    What you listening to while you create?

    I saw Led Zeppelin at the free Shaffer (beer) festival at the Sheep Meadow in Central Park in NYC when the opened for BB King. They were boo'd by the BB king fans but by the end of the set they got a standing O. To me there best album was the first and they lost ground as they went but I'm a...
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    CAR-toon as usual

    Jeez, Rat Fink. Is that still around and I'm not aware of it or are you 100 years old like me?
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    Next US pres

    hat a country we live in. We voted in 2008 for the first "this", in 2016 people will vote for possible the first "that". Nowhere in the mix with a crowd that votes "that way" does voting for the best person for the job seem to matter. Most folks are clueless about the issues facing the country...
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    Hello every one

    Hi and welcome
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    Help and sorry

    Yeap sorry, there's nothing there
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    Hi and welcome, you'll like this forum
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    Vector lines 3D effect

    This isn't a particularly good video to learn how to do it but I think it a decent example of what it does.
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    Vector lines 3D effect

    You want to read up on displacement maps.
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    I am new here

    Welcome to PSG
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    MINIMAL EQUIPMENT THREAD (i.e. Cell Phone Cameras and P&S Cameras) Subject: Red

    Wow Cool, I have this one. A guy at an English car show dressed like Austin Powers. I did a little shopping by blurring the background but took it with my point and shoot.
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    AVATAR WARS IV: The Rebirth

    Well this is an interesting thread! :eek:
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    So ... how do you feel about CLOWNS?

    Except for Pennywise in Stephen King's It I don't see clowns as scary,
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    Water Images

    I guess I disagree here. The first image is overexposed, you have a whole lot of blown out highlights. A slower shutter speed would help to blur the water and I think that would help too. I'm not crazy about the pose either but it may work on a tighter crop. I like #2 a lot more. Again a...
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    Hi to all!

    Hi and welcome.
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    Breaking News

    I saw your problem an will try to post an image. Nope just a Url same as you.
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    how to save my work as a sequence

    Actually Paul MR is good with Scripts.
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    Eye Fix

    Please, be realistic. You can't do a decent job on the small image you posted here. Post the full image, otherwise learn how liquify works. It will do what you want to do.