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    A Wealth Of Photoshop Links!

    Photoshop tutorials
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    Hi All! This message is intended for anyone who hasn't visited/participated in "The Inside Track" the board within this board, hosted by respected Photoshop Author/Teacher, Gary Bouton. Tomorrow, August 26th is Gary's 50th BIRTHDAY...
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    Correcting an underexposed photo

    Maybe this has already been posted and, if so, I apologize, but I found this to be a really "fast and dirty" method to correct a badly underexposed photo. 1. Create a new layer above the photo 2. Fill with 50% grey 3. Set blend mode to "color dodge" Amazing results! [stuned]
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    Convert Raster to Vector

    Convert Raster to Vector Training Video If you have logo or artwork on paper and you need to get it into Illustrator, you must see this video! This will also work with logos you have created in Photoshop and need to convert them to vector! and click on the...
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    Brunette to Blonde Challenge!

    Ever since Ammaro posted his "black to blonde technique,, I've been fascinated with trying this for myself! Thank you, Ammar for inspiring me! :righton: The following is the result of many hours of...
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    What's with the " title designations" (i.e. Junior Apprentice/Master Apprentice, Mod Squad, etc.) that I see under user names? I have my thoughts but I'd rather hear the truth. [confused] w