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    Noise Ruduction Problem in ACR 9.12

    Hi all, I recently updated my CC package which included Camera RAW's upgrade to 9.12. I can no longer see any change in noise when using the Noise Reduction/Luminence slider and i've run out of possible ideas to whats causing it. Please help!!!
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    Jpg Enlargement

    Ok, back in the early days of my photography when storage space was limited and I used Photobucket as a host site I saved all my images to 800 pixels on the longest length and saved everything to 250kb or less. Foolish I know, but is there a photoshop plug in or application that will allow me to...
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    Hi all, I'm Mark a 45 year old from Liverpool. Been taking photo's for about 12 years. Mainly into Military Aviation, but also shoot Landscapes, ships and Cityscapes amongst other things. Just signed up for PS CC and i'm loving it!!