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  1. smoke

    Extra mile for one snap. :)

    Once my eye caught an old rusty seamless little table with oak worktop and wrought iron legs. I had it transported across all Europe and shipped to UK. I had a vision for one snap shot and today it is all done. I have completely retreated and refurbished it. (it cost me my cars rear carpets...
  2. smoke

    Challenge 13 ||\/||EGA ||\/||ash (universal edition)

    Hi fellows Photoshop enthusiasts beginners and Pros. I'm proud to announce that I have an honor to kick off the 13th audition of creativity n' skill sharpening on 8th miracle of the World - 'PS' :rocker:. I thought about giving a challenge for beginners, as intrigue for intermediates, as fun...
  3. smoke

    retouch atempt

    my serious first retouch attempt. Techniques learned/used: Mixer brush tool use, gradient map color importance,
  4. smoke


    Got some spare time yesterday.. quick mini studio set up in my bedroom: bed sheet on the wall and DIY softbox for my flash. Snapped few pics of me missus... loaded PS ..and after 6+ hours this came out! P.s. ~1 hour for new signature brush lol (mouse drawing sucks) wot do U think folks?
  5. smoke

    eternity's phase ... jubilee special

    My biggest and so far hardest and most time consuming project to celebrate 1 year Ps's experience. It is a bit more than a year since I joined this fabulous site with its helpful members and here I used all techniques tips n tricks absorbed so far. used more than 20 different pictures 40+...
  6. smoke

    my lil winter background stock collection

    done some snaps to use as backgrounds for my manips while on holiday in alps - Austria (Tirol region)
  7. smoke

    Underwater blue

    tried myself in underwater PS world :wave:
  8. smoke

    getting ready for halloween

    keeping trying :twisted: ~6 hours what needs to be edited/changed?
  9. smoke

    Auto portrait 90º

    Decided to do little project yesterday. Captured few portraits Of myself. spent hours in photoshop as brain was freaking out during merging so I lost detail processing :D And there I go . This is my first portrait project :eek: P.S. noticed that Photoshopgurus site spell checker does not...
  10. smoke

    good and evil

    my hands still shaking a lot photoshop-wise so any advises would be welcome :banghead: Good :arrowd: Evil :arrowd:
  11. smoke

    W Barcelona

    another little project. any comments welcome . Final result came differently than primary idea was. my photos used: Result:
  12. smoke

    my first photo edit project.

    before after my first try. love this photo a lot as it gives me good memories but unfortunately couldn't take it in good light conditions. I want to print it and hang on my wall so please help me with the edit. would like to make this ancient view even more lively please feel free...
  13. smoke

    Hello everyone

    Hi all. I have red few threads on this site and decided to join it as i found senior members pay loads attention to silly beginners (like me) issues and gives quite helpful advises. PS is a real challenge to me. Hope to develop my creativity skill with your support. :thumbsup: