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  1. smoke

    how to create animated smoke

    I'm the SMOKE who summoned me?
  2. smoke

    Two-faced portrait (photomanipulation)

    nice one
  3. smoke

    Challenge 21 Voting

    damn!!!!!!!!! shame i missed this one /= nice entries everyone [=
  4. smoke

    New Graphics Card for Photoshop CS5

    hi GeForce GTX 780 Ti is the champion at the moment and cost around 700 USD GeForce GTX 770 is still at top 10 but cost half less 300 USD for a single high end graphic card you will need PSU of 500W or greater so you should upgrade that to for stable system operation.
  5. smoke

    Re: Photoshop request if you have extra time :)

    white sand + little dune
  6. smoke

    Replicate this color toning

    50% guess - 50% intuition from experience. You always can change gradient color and opacity for accurate results. I'm using gradients a lot so gathered a little experience :)
  7. smoke

    Your feelings about your art?

    I do like manipulations and illusion manips are my favorite. It never gets as close as wild mind imagines, so a bit anxious and confused and struggling . Yet that feelings changes to priceless satisfaction once you see wonderment mimics in faces or question: 'How do you do this?' This is giving...
  8. smoke

    Replicate this color toning

    easiest way for me just noticed that mouse cursor was not recorded :D ups!
  9. smoke

    Meme Thread

    thanx inkz my dream pet :D
  10. smoke

    Meme Thread

    love memes!!!!!!
  11. smoke

    Lens recommendations please.

    thees days there's so many things which compensates each other like raw formats and Photoshop :) on my recent holiday one day i was to lazy to drag my photo rucksack with few kit lenses and external flash, so i took only my recent buy - 50mm to capture just portraits and maybe some interesting...
  12. smoke

    Challenge 15 ****POLL****Fantasy.

    everyone's principal of his own morale and fare competition. Although contests main targets are skill sharpening and share of tips'n'tricks - not a winers title!
  13. smoke

    Challenge 15 ****POLL****Fantasy.

    voted! to Paul: I agree with SPWA. You would save everyones time, comfort and attraction to vote by completing the tread. :rolleyes:
  14. smoke

    Extra mile for one snap. :)

    Now smoke only smokes cigars and very occasionally Paul.
  15. smoke

    Extra mile for one snap. :)

    Thank you guys. Glad you like. That sip of 'Monkey shoulder' was much to my gratification after all work done.
  16. smoke

    Extra mile for one snap. :)

    Once my eye caught an old rusty seamless little table with oak worktop and wrought iron legs. I had it transported across all Europe and shipped to UK. I had a vision for one snap shot and today it is all done. I have completely retreated and refurbished it. (it cost me my cars rear carpets...
  17. smoke

    Challenge 15 - Fantasy

    Thanx guys. guard rail was left for civilization print and owl had different dedication at first but. . . then spaceship had emerged and distracted my attention. LOL :deadhorse:
  18. smoke

    Challenge 15 - Fantasy

    mine :arrowd: Click for full size :p stocks used:
  19. smoke

    Challenge 15 - Fantasy

    nice one here paul. my fav genre of manips!
  20. smoke

    Challenge 13 ||\/||EGA ||\/||ash (universal edition)

    Admin please lock this thread an open poll voting to figure out host of next challenge. Good inputs every one. Sorry for my lagy responds. Was pleasure to be an OP of this challenge.