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  1. iDad

    I need nautical themed shapes for PS

    Does anyone know where I can download a few freebies? Thank you in advance.
  2. iDad

    viewing .csh files?

    Years ago I used to have a program to view .CSH files (shapes) Can anyone suggest a program/app that I can review them in, other than PS. I don't want to load them I just need to review
  3. iDad

    I'm not new. Crap, I'm old. Old member Old person.;)

    Just saying HI and touching base with anyone that remembers/still here. I'll try to say Hi more often or suggest help tips when I can.:mrgreen:
  4. iDad

    I don't know about you but

    When I'm heading anywhere, falling snow does not entice me to arrive there to soon.a daily snow storm here is getting obnoxious, happy new year.
  5. iDad

    My CC Photoshop does not recognize my fonts

    My CC Photoshop does not recognize my fonts I purchased, anybody know how to make that happen? I have them in suitcase Fusion five it's not recognizing it anymore....UGH
  6. iDad

    ALERT: NASA Confirms Earth Will Go Dark ...?

    ALERT: NASA Confirms Earth Will Go Dark For 6 Days In December 2014 - See more at:
  7. iDad

    Zombie faces, it's that time of year!

    It's that time of year, Faces, Do em UP! (YOUR OWN FACE)
  8. iDad

    Some days it's here, some days it's not

    Very weird does anyone else ever get this? it comes and goes
  9. iDad

    Illustrator bezier handles

    for those who have trouble with bezier handles (the pen tool)check this out.bezier
  10. iDad

    Fake or Real?

    Just curious
  11. iDad

    brushes folder cc denying permission?

    Has anyone had this problem sense cc? I can no longer add a brush to use. I only have default brushes no others loaded but keep getting this?... Why wouldn't I have permission to modify the brushes folders? is it a news CC rule? Anybody have a hint on how I should go about this?
  12. iDad

    Styles using Photoshop cc

    I have 10 styles,I use often and like, how do I import them into Photoshop CC When using CS6 I had no problem but option is not there for CC? Any tips appreciated Thanks!
  13. iDad

    PDF problem

    I am working on an image with some text effects when I save it as a PDF it comes out very strange see the difference on the last letter? it only does it in PDF, any ideas?
  14. iDad

    30 years!

    Happy Birthday MAC
  15. iDad

    That's right it's that time again!

    :mrgreen: Image stolen from web, we trolls do that. But anyway happy 2014 everyone ALL THE BEST FOR THE NEW YEAR AHEAD!:thumbsup:
  16. iDad

    Candi - My Little Sister

    ........................(click on picture to help).............. Just to let you all know, administration is aware of my request here.... I do it with humility and sadness but my concerns for my sister outweigh any negative comments I may read. If anyone of you reading this could help...
  17. iDad

    Avatar Wars VII - The Village Idiots Free For All

    A continuation of The Avatar Wars Saga ..... Avatar Wars AVATAR WARS III -Revenge of the Gurus AVATAR WARS IV : The Rebirth AVATAR WARS: Journey Into the UNKNOWN Avatar Wars VI : War is...
  18. iDad

    Changing brush size with the keyboard problems

    What is it that I might've hit in preferences or somewhere on the keyboard, I cannot change my brush size with my keyboard anymore, why is that, where is it located to enable the keyboard to resize my brush :banghead: I hate it when that happens:redface:
  19. iDad

    What happens when a snowflake explodes?

    Nothing silly!They don't explode:mrgreen: I was messing around with different shapes / layer modes and radial blur settings and kind of got sucked into this, I couldn't stop:redface:
  20. iDad

    Talking Images

    During the holidays.In your own way say happy holidays to your fellow PSG junkiesCreate as many as you want, just have fun with.Save yourself a postal stamp:cheesygrin:Do it in whatever language that's best for youSee you at the next chopoholic meeting! :mrgreen:Or don't!:mrgreen: