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    Trying to catch up with the latest news

    Hi Everybody I've been inactive for a while. therefore, I'm out of the information loop. I learned on PST that our keeper has retired and Glaussian (formerly known by me as g-man) is the new Keeper. I've been checking around for announcements but ... none. Did I miss an announcement? Also...
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    A VALENTINE E-CARD CHALLENGE Make a card using any tool - Help celebrate the most romantic day of the year. I saw a survey and was surprised to see some people hate Valentine's Day. If you hate it - show us If you love it - show us
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    At the suggestion of Angel Whip - this thread is for photographs of Winter scenes however lets make it a bit more catchy by adding... ...winter scenes of decorated Christmas Trees both inside and outdoors (in malls, restaurants or even at home)? and also include great yard scenes taken at...
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    "The Pageantry of Autumn" Photographs

    This thread is for Fall -(Autumn). Scenic, people, traditions, whatever catches your eye. For example, It would be fun to include the dinner table on Thanksgiving and the Halloween Trick-or-Treat'ors or local parades - no restrictions on subject matter. In fact, some of our members from other...
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    Favorite Summer Pictures

    Hi All! I've been so busy but now comes some free time for me and the camera (strictly point and shoot). Today I'm posting "Leaping cat" from my messy garden. We all have favorite summer pictures, please share and post them here for all to enjoy.
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    How's the fighting doing?

    Here's another wacky one I found on google: WATCH THE FIGHTS Wanna know who's winning the public opinon polls? :righton: global ratings there!
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    A new Search Engine "Answers" your needs

    After the financial success of Google, I am sure we are going to see a flood of new search engines! This one has possibilities. Be sure to capitalize A. It uses a different methodology. 8[ Seems very fast to me. Opinions welcome, I have no financial stake in...
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    Something New = Google Labs Check it out! :righton: Resource for Videos, Scholarly literature, wireless, and so on. There are forums too. :righton: In addition to an incredibly ambious future, Google has announced plans to put every book in our libraries online. wow. Reminds me of the...
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    Funniest X'mas card I received this year!

    Mostly the cards we receive are serious and lovely, however, each year I receive a funny card from a good friend. I always enjoy, I share with you, hope you enjoy too. On the inside: "Have all the fun the law allows this holiday season"
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    A Quicky trick I just learned about printing

    Well to day if found something interesting about PS- I didn't know b4 but probably everyone else knew this But I pass along just in case. Here it is right out of the manuel: [shhh] [shhh] [shhh] You can use the Print Selected Area option to print a specific part of an image. To print...
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    Anyone remember how to install Photoframe in PS7?

    I'm recovering from a crash and trying to install PhotoFrame 2.0 into PS7. Remember the problem?, the PhotoFrame wants to install in folder: Photoshp.exe (dropping the O because they were limited to 8 letters?. Newer os allows full name. I think Erik, you are familiar with the problem and...
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    I stumbled across this site by lucky accident. Over 4000 free panoramic photos on file at the Library of Congress. Yours to download. Taking the Long View: Check out the bathing beauty contest from 1922 OMG Also Atlantic City A BLAST...
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    Interactive Skeltons - A jive'n quickie

    A clever interactive site. You can drag these mobile skelton's (single or duo) around using the body points (red dots). Make them jump and jive! Flipping around is kinda neat for 30 seconds! --Got a little time for fun? Go here:
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    Fast Color Photo Retouching + other goodies

    Calling all Nerds Designs by Mark has really improved his site. He is now using video and streaming to help illustrate techniques. I liked his Color Photo Retouching tutorial, there is a cool reflection technique and lots of other tricks and treats. EE *everybody enjoy* %} :B %} :B
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    About Photoshop 8 features (to start shipping 4 quarter)

    I was reading in eweek about the features in the new PS8 release. I quote eweek: Photoshop 8 Code-named Dark Matter (PS) and Taconite (Image Ready), the next installment of Adobe's image-editing duo will reportedly feature non-destructive filtering that resembles the adjustment layers in...
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    Phong Imagery and Tutorials

    Here's one that captures the imagination immediately -- Nice, crisp graphics and good stuff on design. Enjoy and learn! ;) [shhh] **Most artists that have "got it made" well --guess what, they want to improve! Go figure.**
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    A really handy color tool --Free

    A really dandy little tool. Lets you preselect all colors including fonts to find the perfect combo for the website you are about to design. :P :P :P You may also store the information, so at some time later date you need to add a page, the colorscheme is available almost instantly. Enjoy...
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    Photoshop 7 practical tips

    Just received am email from Ben Willmore, he had some good tips. Since I'm new to version 7 I really appreciated knowing this stuff: So Here goes tips according to Willmore: There are a few things that I don't like about the default setup of Photoshop 7.0. The first one is the way the...
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    Keeping track of photos

    Sometimes its hard to keep track of photos when you are designing and also when having a meeting with client, (I don't have a laptop), its a problem to discuss what pictures to use. I use Contact in PS. Go to Automate, Contact Sheet, input the file location via browse. PS will make you...
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    PS7 and plug-ins?

    Well I finally installed PS7. Everything is working smoothly no problemos. Now I'm thinking about my dear plugins, am I going to be able to install them with same ease. I have heard ppl say they have had problem installing plugins. I have a few favorites (some are shareware:) and some I...