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    Lost for ideas + shameless self-plug

    Hey again guys, I need your help. You as graphic designers, whether professional, part time or amateur hobbyists. Disclaimer/ Here comes a shameless plug: Today I uploaded these free bullet renders to DesignerCandies: But I'm beginning to get lost for *useful* ideas. I know a lot of...
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    Make a Facebook Timeline Cover in Photoshop

    Not my best work, but I quickly tried to create a video of how I created this I also need to work on my video tutorials so I can publish some on my website, consider this practice. Still several lessons in there that people new to Photoshop may enjoy :) Required resources...
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    So, please don't shoot me down for self promotion - and yes this is self promotion - but I have some seriously good resources for all you Photoshoppers. It's a while since I've been here, which only amplifies the rudeness of me turning up to promote myself, but please give it a minute to decide...
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    My best free flyer template yet?

    Released this yesterday and it's had over 100 downloads already. What do you think? Think it's my best free release yet? hi res - here is the download link:
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    Stuck in Photoshop!

    I'm a little stuck as to where to take this next... your opinions?
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    My photoshop workflow! [New Video]

    A new video I recorded of me making a free flyer template, you can also download the source files at the end of the video. What do you guys think?
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    Ahar! I am IN!

    So I just posted a thread that the facebook connect isn't working (that was me) my online alias as a designer is 'Quickandeasy'. So anyway, I tried signing in using the username 'Adam McIntyre' and it wouldn't let me. I tried signing up with the same email address used on my Facebook, and...
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    Really Excited!

    Hey guys! I've not been online much in the past few weeks, been really busy with Christmas client work - I hope everyone is well! I'm really excited to announce I've just been interview on WP Crown magazine, you can check my interview out here: Interview with Adam McIntyre aka...
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    Working on a Gangster flyer - your opinions?

    What do you think? Photoshop.png
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    Couple of projects I've been working on this weekend :)

    What do you think? Open to any criticism :) First one is finished, second one in progress:
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    Free Flyer Friday + How is everyone?

    I've not been very active past week or so, been very busy with client work. How is everyone? Post some pics of what you've been working on! Here is the free flyer template I have released today :D :D DL Link: Free Glossy Black & Orange PSD Party Flyer Template Download | FlyerHeroes
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    Free PNG Speaker Renders Download

    Get 'em whilst they're hot! Free PNG Speaker Renders | FlyerHeroes
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    Freebie I am working on - your feedback please?

    Working on this to release on FlyerHeroes next week. What are your thoughts on this so far?
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    My Latest Premium Works - Wintery Christmas & New Years Eve Flyer

    My latest premium flyer - wht do you think? On sale here: Print Templates - Wintery Christmas & New Years Eve PSD Party Flyer | GraphicRiver
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    Just released another flyer! :D

    Today's free flyer template for ya'll! Check it out, love to hear your opinion! :) Icicube - Free Photoshop Hip Hop PSD Flyer Template Download | FlyerHeroes
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    Your opinion please

    About to submit these to go on sale, what do you think? I will be giving the snowflake renders and Sphere type objects away for free :) :)
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    Help with course

    As I've said in previous posts, I'm developing a free course to help Photoshoppers increase their monthly earnings. What information do you want to know? How to promote your services as a designer? Pick up clients? Sell your PSDs and increase their sales? what do you think is best -...
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    This week's free flyer template :)

    Just released this: Check it out: FlyerHeroes | Free PSD Flyer Templates & Photoshop Resources
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    Nice for your eyes?

    I am designing some header-strip ads to promote some free reports I'm giving away on my site. I want to get something that is high impact and catches your attention. What are your thoughts on this? Full res: Header Ads.jpg
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    Your opinion please

    As you may know I've just launched, I'm thinking of creating a mailing list, would you subscribe to a photoshop related mailing list? Would you want it every week or for every post? (average of 3 posts per week) Just wondering your opinions on this & if you're...