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    did my friends senior portraits

    my friend couldn't afford a professionally done senior portrait, so i did them for her for free here they are
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    glacier national park

    i went to glacier national park last week, and just got back yesterday. i also rented a 5d mkii for the trip, and took over 1400 pictures. processing is going to take a long time, but i already have a few done here are some mountain goats from the top of logan pass. 1. 2.
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    saw this today i thought it was pretty cool my favorite part is at 2:24
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    guess who was looking through my window

    this guy: a luna moth, actias luna, i've never actually seen one before, but this guy just started flapping against my window. it was about 10cm from head to tail. at first i thought it was a bat flying into my window, but when it landed i was even more surprised to see what it actually was...
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    Actions just made my first actions

    i've had this sort of formula for converting images to black and white, with minimal tinkering, for a while now, and i use it every time. so, i decided to turn it into an action. i have three different versions, each works with different images: dark medium bright the bright one has...
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    sleeping bird

    i found this guy sitting in my yard not sure why he was on the ground, but when i poked him he flew away
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    portrait edit

    this was something i did for someone on a photography forum i think it turned out pretty well
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    problems with any brush tool

    this is kind of weird and very annoying about a month ago i was working on an edit in the cs6 beta, and the brush tool started getting all jittery, as in it would show some sort of distorted fragment of what i had actually brushed, until i ely go the first thing i tried was quit, and reopen...
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    been practicing realistic HDR's

    so here's what iv've gotthis first one is just a room in my house, comprised of 5 bracketed exposuresit was very unevenly litthis was a set of exposures i took a long time ago, and made into one of those over done HDR'sthis is my third attempt with that set, this time i went for realisma also...
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    wanted to try

    well i wanted to try something that zeealex did (here), but i didn't want to post it in the same thread original my attempt
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    you know what i think...

    if someone who doesn't speak english very well comes on an english speaking forum, instead of trying to say something in english, and making it very unclear, they should say it in their native language instead, because google translate would probably be a lot clearer just a thought
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    so confused!!!

    well... my brush is suddenly being completely crazy here are my settings here is a cluster here is a single one this is on the top layer, one normal mode, with no masks. the brush is also on normal this is the forground ffea00 this is the background ffcc00
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    what do you think of the editing on this?

    i processed this portrait a lot more than i usually do, to give it a sort of affect
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    where to upload animated gifs?

    well i just made an animated gif that i want to show to some people over the internet... but i don't know where i can upload so i can just share a link. photobucket kind of worked, but it didn't display correctly, somehow it moved each layer to a different spot flickr converted it to a jpg...
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    well i generally refrain from saying this on forums like this because people instantly asume i don't know anything, but im only 16 years old and im still in high school, so i have no chances to take any kind of advanced photoshop or photography classes at my school, in fact my school hase no...
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    some of my shots

    before i got into photoshop i was mainly focusing on photography so here's some of my stuff 1 2 3 4 5 6
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    hello from wisconsin

    well i'm from wisconsin, and have been practicing photography for 5 years now, and started to get into photoshop about 3 years ago, though i started with gimp, i now have photoshop CS5 i will share some of my work as soon as i have 5 posts, and can share links...