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    Dark Desert

    Long time without doing a montage, so I decided to do a fast one today... no idea in advance I just choose an image and added what it came to my mind XD, not a fan of fantasy montages but i though in doing something different to the usual this time XD. Original image
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    DeNoise AI

    yesterday i received a trial by email, being honest and not an expert on noise I know the basics, I made a fast test with two photos and I have to say I liked the result, the program is pretty basic and simple not just a couple of adjustments to play with it, but in second I got far better...
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    Composite Photo to comic

    It's been a while without doing something, so I tried to transform some photos into a comic vignette, cheated a little with the rinho (already a comic draw XD) Original
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    Made another one, no catastrophes this time.:joy::joy: Original
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    Car accident

    It's been a while since I did a montage, so I give it a go.
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    24.9 billion pixels quantum satelite photography Is not made by a satellite btw
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    Challenge#67: Blending

    Hi, I've been a little busy lately and totally forgot to think of a challenge, so I had to fast think one today, sorry about that. The challenge is to blend the guy on the bench in the other picture. I intentionally pick no good match pictures, so it's essential to play with light and shadows...
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    Challenge#65 Make a face!

    Hi, the contest for this month is to make a face using one of the two mannequin pictures, but you have to use a different photo for each part, eyes, chin, hair, nose, cheeks and mouth. Basically, you have to create a face using 5 different faces. Chose one of this two images. Remember to click...
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    Photo Manipulation Crime scene (Illumination madness)

    I was bored today so i start trying to convert a room on a crime scene, but i got a little bit obsess with the illumination and i keep playing with the crime scene is not finish.... Original Cheers!
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    Challenge #60: Time passes for everything

    Sorry for the delay i was a little bussy this week and totally forgot!:oops: (Thanks for the reminder;)) So basically is adapt, transform an image and make it looks like the time passed, no restrictions or rules I want to let this contest to be pretty open to interpretations:cheesygrin...
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    Challenge #58: Matte painting

    First of all sorry for delay I totally forgot, been a real busy couple of weeks! This challenge is about MATTE PAINTING. The other day i saw some jobs with this technique from a fellow photographer, i love it, and really want to try it...but as i said really busy.... I dont know if it's a...
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    Long time without doing a composite for fun.... so i made a quick one. Images used! Cheers!
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    Starting to learn to draw from lvl0 XD

    A week ago i start to try to learn to draw, i didn't draw nothing since i was child, nothing special, like the most kids draw XD. For my first draw i try to make a realistic eye... looking at tutorials and learning to use the program, i saw a few and decided for krita, it took the all week to...
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    Opinions clean skin

    Long time without having to do this kind of job, so today i make one, so i dont forget to much. Let me know your honest opinions please. Cheers!
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    Guess the macro 37

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    Guess the macro 25

    An easy one! XD Sorry for the bad quality i had to enlarge the image XD. Cheers!
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    (Photomanipulation) When the tv Stores Close!!XD

    I wanted to do it with all the tv's but i got tired! :biglaff: Cheers!
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    Challenge#54: ManToWomanToMan

    Time for the new challenge! Thanks to chrisdesign for his fun challenge. This challenge consist on convert a picture of a man into a woman or vicer versa. I was bored so i made one as and example. Please post one picture with the 'before and after'! Entries must be submitted by Saturday...
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    Gues the macro 12

    My first macro post, to be fair i took the picture from an old poster that's why it's looking this way, but i think it's and easy one. Cheers!
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    I start another one and this time i wanna do it a real challenge... but i think with this one i bite more than i can chew :biglaff: . Cheers!