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  1. DANIEL133337

    Need help taking someone out of a group picture!

    I am attempting to take a person out of my bands promo picture as he is no longer in the band with us! (Kid on the left with black Arkaik shirt on) I attempted to use the Fill tool many times but I still cannot gain perfection. If anyone could help me on what I could do to get it perfect or do...
  2. DANIEL133337

    Need help changing/making a logo for my band!

    So I am in a metalcore band named Spartacus and we have to make a logo for our band to put on tickets for an upcoming show, put on myspace page, etc. Here is one we have so far. We want to have a cool band logo like suicide silence, parkway drive or somethin! But we aren't very experienced...
  3. DANIEL133337

    Hey everyone!!!

    Hey guys! My names Daniel, I've been editing and creating using photoshop for a while, but I recently really got in to it so I looked for a nice community to contribute and get better with :) I'm from Texas and I connected with facebook thats why my username is jacked up!! But nice to meet yall!