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  1. X_Rogue_X

    Painter-style color wheel

    For those of you who like to draw/paint in PS. PaintersWheel It's free, but donations are accepted. Movement of the color pickers are a bit jumpy (you have to move the cursor slowly to get precise), but now we have a color wheel just like Corel Painter...and hey, it's free!
  2. X_Rogue_X

    Photoshop tutorial: Whiten Teeth and Brighten Smile

    Here's a quick way to brighten a smile that looks natural. It can be tempting to just grab a paintbrush and start painting with white when you want to fix yellow teeth. Most times, though, it ends up looking terrible. Try this: Grab the sponge tool, set the mode to Desaturate, and the Flow...
  3. X_Rogue_X

    New avatar

    Check it out, Gaus made it...pretty cool, eh? :cool2:
  4. X_Rogue_X

    Improve the performance of your tablet

    This link is to a blog post by a guy who calls himself Junkyard Sam. Don't ask, 'cause I haven't a clue. Anyway, it's a tutorial on how to change your tablet settings and improve performance. I did, and I like it much better than the default. It's undo-able, so no harm in trying it out. I...
  5. X_Rogue_X

    Hello All

    Wanted to take a moment to say hey... I'm a returning member of the forum (the original one, I believe), having taken a few years hiatus from PS and photography in general...long story. Anyway, I've been shooting 35mm for around 25 years or so (amateur) and am about to take the plunge into...