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  1. Sezwick

    Specific My friend VS trogdor?

    What up, fam. The finished product of this request is gonna be a well-received birthday gift for an old friend, even if I end up cutting it together in Paint. Lol . Before I go there , I figured I’d ask for quality help. Um. So I want the guy in the hood to have my friend’s face, instead. On...
  2. Sezwick

    Specific Teeth whitening

    Hey photoshop gurus, This is awkward, but I took this selfie I really liked and I finally pulled off smiling with teeth, but... I'd spent all day (celebrating a birthday) smoking cigarettes and slurping coffee (Irish) and didn't think to brush the gunk off my front teeth before attempting...
  3. Sezwick

    Specific Make my friend look like a mermaid?

    This is an old picture of my friend. I've always thought she looked like a mermaid. Can anyone use their creative faculties to express the vision?