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    Photoshop screwing with my GPU while HW acceleration is enabled

    Hi. I've been having an issue with Photoshop for a while and I can't seem to find a solution. I own a GeForce GTX 770 video card and this is what the specs look like while it's idle and Photoshop isn't running. The memory and core clock are both throttled way down while the card is idle...
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    Red eye removal

    When I photograph certain species of spiders sometimes there's a weird reflection in one or both eyes. I guess it's the equivalent of "red eye" in humans. I tried using the Red Eye tool on the image below and it works ok, but it's not perfect. Is there a better way to remove that distracting red...
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    Color blending

    Hi. I'm looking for a way to get rid of the black area in the upper right corner of the image below. What would be a good way to blend and extend the light brown color behind the spider all the way to the upper right corner? I just want the black area removed or made less noticeable...