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  1. robswede88

    Coloring black and white 40s pic

    Far from done, but what do you guys think? Put it in the trash or continue? And what color do you think the car was? Black? dark blue? red? Still learning. Thanks!
  2. robswede88

    Problem with PS changing size

    Hi, im trying to copy an image that is 4,8x1,3 inches onto a A4 size document, but when im doing that, the image is bigger than the document when it should not be. What am I doing wrong? Youtube clip that shows my problem:
  3. robswede88

    Paid Recreate text/artwork 12$ Paypal

    Hi, I am in the process of restoring an old stove (called Husqvarna Beatrice) and would like to recreate the text and artwork that should be on it so I can print it on waterslide paper. Would really appreciate. Thank you. Can pay 12$ thru PayPal. I found these samples online: This is how...