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  1. RedneckR0nin

    Been awhile guys to say hello and show some photos

    Just dropping in to say hi to everyone and hope you have all been well! Was totally rushed but still has a pretty good likability it seems by those that frequent my page :evil: Just a couple things to show you all what I have been up to!
  2. RedneckR0nin

    New shot of the last wedding of the year!

    One of the nicer photos I have taken and only took me forever and a day to process it!
  3. RedneckR0nin

    Back piece tattoo shoot

    Pretty much a couple of the not so nude shots I did last week! Had fun actually photographing something instead of working on edits( I got a ton to still do from this summer!) Hope you all enjoy them!
  4. RedneckR0nin

    Wolf Spider!

    Took it about a week ago!
  5. RedneckR0nin

    Something new I played with

    I dunno it was done pretty fast but thought it was cool!
  6. RedneckR0nin

    From a Wedding last night

    Just a example of photo layering and focus layering. The same type of process as HDR but instead of different exposures you use different f-stops and play with the field of depth to get a more filled in shot effect!
  7. RedneckR0nin

    Just a self portrait I played with

    I am trying to be more spontanous in my creation of such so every once in awhile I just start making something...sometimes I keep it most of the times I just delete them taking knowledge out it anyway! I know the bottom could use work but I just made this a couple nights ago!
  8. RedneckR0nin

    Canada Day fireworks

    Just editing them now so i will post through out the day I imagine!
  9. RedneckR0nin

    More shots from not so long ago!

    Here is a taste of a couple different shoots I have done lately! Nudes and semi nudes- Since I know this is a all ages forum this is about as naked as I will show here. Great model and had fun experimenting different blow out techniques and lighting placement! Just a quick shot of my...
  10. RedneckR0nin

    Photoshop HDR

    Now as far as basics go PS makes it pretty easy to make HDR images with realistically no knowledge of the processing required to do so! So here is a basic run down of what to do for actual HDR shots. 1. You need to find the settings on your camera called Bracketing, what this does is set your...
  11. RedneckR0nin

    More Photography for ya all

    The winter was garbage this year so had to go out of province for some of it. I still managed to get some good shots throughout though here is just a sample of them. St Marys Catholic church here in town Bird sanctuary here in town House beside the one I was working on and it ended...
  12. RedneckR0nin

    New shot as I was bored so post something new

    Just the image grabbed me and thank god it only took three exposures to bracket the image as it was minus 41 celsius that day which is handy cause that is also minus 40 *f.. no conversion needed!:rolleyes: Just something to share as this was bracketed -1/0/+1 and used Photoshop HDR but used...
  13. RedneckR0nin

    Illustrator Animation and me! Need info please!

    I want to make a animated short film and I am in between computers at the moment as I cannot run Indesign or Flash professional on this computer. I am in the process of getting the tutorials foe illustrator right now and have CS5 master copy. What else would I need or would help in making a...
  14. RedneckR0nin

    Making a animated Gif of PNg on CS5

    So I have the animation sequence all done and where to I go from there. I tried save for web and devices and the preview on that page shows it running but when I upload it anywhere it doesn't move?? I don't know what I am doing wrong and I screen capped my settings and my photoshop page...
  15. RedneckR0nin

    Wedding shot

    Just something I did last week and shot last year! The couple was in color and in front of the city hall in my city. The Castle is in England somewhere..and obviously never went there to shoot photos! C&C is always welcomed with me!
  16. RedneckR0nin

    Hello from RnR

    Just saying hello and nice little forum you got here. I'm a business Owner and a semi pro photographer. I used to pride myself on good photos that required no edits. That's until I stepped up to the professional level two years ago and had my eyes opened to some things. 1. I had a long way to...