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    Specific Content aware scale for portrait

    Made a try, I didn't have the time for the shadow sorry.
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    Out of the mists 8th street Avalon

    You mean a more natural fog like this image? That could be more tricky and hard, and I think you would need to do some changes to your idea and image. With this kind of fog, I think you need to forget about the clouds in the sky, the angle is too close to see any sky. The most important...
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    Out of the mists 8th street Avalon

    I made a 5minut example using only brushes, so you can see what I mean. I used different types of brushes, on the layers name is the type of brush I used.
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    Out of the mists 8th street Avalon

    My advice, try to use brushes for the mist instead of images. by using brushes you have a lot more control and options than searching for matching images.
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    Out of the mists 8th street Avalon

    Nice! But I think it's a bit confusing, you need to add the cloud effect only on the sky and then add mist on the store. About the light on the man, you can add a light on that staff or add light from that direction on the floor for example. But I would lower the contrast on him a little bit...
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    Help with overexposed photo + Sample

    It would be helpful to see what work you did, to have an idea of what you do you need help with. I made a fast check and the quality the other guy gets is on the raw, but he did a good job on the coloring and the details.
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    Specific Fix my eyes

    I made a try but maybe I had to touch too much to make it work, the quality on the second image is too low to use without adjustment first. I touched up the eyes so it would look at the camera but I didn't want to touch them too much more and I think I get short. I also made some extra...
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    Paid URGENT! Need to cheat in a class!

    I don't do this kind of request, but I have to admit it doesn't bother me that much...when I was young I cheated on school exams :joy:. It's different when you have to manipulate official documents or make nudes of a person without their permission for obvious reasons...Just my opinion.
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    Specific Fix my eye

    Maybe too late, but I made a try just in case.
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    Paid $100 to best submission. For a Christmas Card. Im a gunsmith and an arms dealer.

    since there are already excellent jobs removing the fence, I made something more extreme just in case it works for you. One example removing the background and making it more of a painting and the other more winterish
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    Specific Baby’s first family Christmas photo

    Sorry about this one, I couldn't resist. :joy: :joy:
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    Specific Baby’s first family Christmas photo

    Yes, unfortunately, this one doesn't have the same quality. I made a try using the other one without changing the body and made another trying to make it more Christmas-ish I was going to add the snow and the corny Christmas frame to it, but i thought maybe was too much so I stop :joy:
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    Specific Baby’s first family Christmas photo

    Agree with Jeff, this one its a lot better than the other one. Can you also post the original of this one?
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    Specific Baby’s first family Christmas photo

    I tried to add the letters, but if you want also a change on the baby's body and your husband's hand like Polarwoc did (what I thought was a good idea) it will require a similar quality to the other image..
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    Specific Star Wars sith background

    Made one, just for un
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    Paid Deleted

    Talk with the person that did the job, that is clearly a mistake.
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    Specific Removal of the tree in the foreground

    Hi Jeff, god job removing the tree, but the cut on the back of the guy doesn't look good, my advice try to use the pen tool, to give more roundness. once you had the shape selected clone the sky over it or the blackness of the figure. and add some blur to the outlines as well. Hope this is...