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  1. ZipedX

    Creating a jigsaw for christmas.

    Hi everyone. As the title stated I'm making a Jigsaw as a present for my fiancee and I'm posting this hoping for ideas. I'm aiming to create a montage containing her and our two children in some "fictional environment". For the montage I'm probably just gonna use their faces or heads the rest...
  2. ZipedX

    Can't open scanned tif. CS5.

    Hi guys n gals. I have the following poping up and can't seem to get it to work: "could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document." I've followed the instructions under this thread to no avail. Photoshop CS5 Solutions to common problems Any ideas? The files open...
  3. ZipedX

    Creating editable text fields.

    Hi Guys n gals! I'm helping out a friend to make a few changes to a brochure. Question is can I make editable text fields that my friend can use in a freeware such as acrobat? This would apply to head/bodytexts. The changes would just mean to replace words and sentences with new ones so no...
  4. ZipedX

    Photos & Questions

    Hi Gurus! I'll be hogging this thread to display photos and ask for critique. Also I'll be asking questions about this and that. Typically compostition, phototechnique, retouching so on and so forth. Hope you'll hang around! [SHORT ADDITION ABOUT ME UPON REQUEST] Started my photo career...
  5. ZipedX

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Hi guys/gals!On my way to my mother in law earlier today I just had to stop the car to take this picture.Can you please tell me what's wrong with it in your opinion? I'm asking since it would help me to improve my skills. Also, is it just me or is the preview really dark for you too?
  6. ZipedX


    Hi guys/gals. Got inspired to give a photo I recived from a friend about two years back another go. So I thought I would post the original here and then keep you updated on the progress. My main reason for this is to learn from critique and to try out any new techniques you might offer. Also...
  7. ZipedX

    Lightroom 4 Catalog cannot be opened.

    Hi Guys. I know this question doesn't involve photoshop so if a moderator want to move this to a more appropriate forum please do. I didn't know where if at all I should place it. I've gott the following errror in Lightroom and can't seem to fix it any ideas? I've tried rebooting and that...
  8. ZipedX

    Jpeg with included paths, why?

    Hi Everyone! I've been using Ps on and of for a few years now as a hobby so I'm somewhat able to find my way around it. Now for the actual question: Why would you include paths in a jpeg? Moreover why split it into several paths? I have a vague memory of paths beeing able to render for...
  9. ZipedX


    Hi everyone. Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I'm from Sweden and have joined this forum to get better att photoshop and image edeting on the whole. Currently employed as a digitalprinter operator and I have a thing for photography and montage. Happy to be here